Integrating Elm at Clarity Voice (Part 1)

March 22, 2017

"We were tired of silly runtime exceptions breaking our souls."

That's how Mike Onslow responded when we asked him why he made the decision to start using Elm at Clarity Voice. He was a software developer facing the need to replace a 10-year-old internal system that was showing signs of its age. And Mike was tired of working with a broken soul.

But you won't sense any exhaustion in Mike these days. He is cheerful, optimistic, and brimming with creative ideas. This spring they're excited to kick off a project rebuilding the frontend of their ERP system.

So how did they go from crushed souls to happy coders? What was Mike's simple, yet brilliant, strategy for introducing Elm? And how did he "sell" Elm to his management such that it's now the language of choice at Clarity Voice?

It's a great story and we're pleased that Mike and Clarity Voice have given us this opportunity to share it with you.

"We had Javascript fatigue."

In 2013, Mike and his small team built a large JavaScript UI library for Clarity Voice’s internal ERP system. The UI library used jQuery/jQueryUI and had a lot of nice features:

Their library worked well… for a while. But then their requirements grew and they needed to deal with more complex workflows. As they began to layer in more state changes and dependencies, two things happened at the same time: their app got more difficult to develop and less reliable....

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How Long Does It Take?

January 10, 2017

In yesterday's inbox, from someone we'll call "Rudy":

"Hi, I've been putting together an Angular 2 video course and I'm wondering how much work/hours was put into your Elm video course, I've been considering doing one but I'm not sure if it'll be simpler than Angular 2 / React."

Hi Rudy,

I appreciate your due diligence. Your question reminds me of the time Bob Landis, a legendary wildlife filmmaker, was asked how many days he spent in the field to capture the footage for one of his hour-long documentaries. A humble man, he chuckled a simple reply: "Years".

I don't mean to sound flippant. I wish I could quantify how much work I've put into the Elm course. Back when I started making courses I tried to track my hours in hopes of calculating the development cost. And the detail-oriented (ok, let's call it obsessive) part of me wanted to analyze those metrics so I could more accurately estimate the cost of future courses. Alas, I soon realized that tracking my time was futile.

For this Elm course in particular, it literally has taken years. I first started learning Elm over the holiday season in 2014. Six months later we released our first Elm course. Being a relatively new language, Elm continues to change and so we continually update the course. Then, late last year we spent several months completely redesigning and expanding the course to use the latest version and techniques. As they say, it's not a sprint, it's an obstacle course.

So, if I were to count my hours, I'm not sure where I'd begin. Do I count all the hours spent gaining experience with the language before even considering developing the initial course? What about all the time I'm doing something else but can't stop thinking about how to explain a concept in the course? Honestly, once I start working on a course it kinda takes over my brain....

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Giving Hope: 30% of January's Sales To Go To Preemptive Love

January 03, 2017

"Violence unmakes the world,
but preemptive love has the power to unmake violence."

Update: Thank you for giving a lot of hope this year! Your purchases in January made it possible for Preemptive Love Coalition to feed 100 families for a month and provide sleeping bags for 100 people. There is still so much hope and help to be given in 2017. Find out more about their inspiring and courageous work in their 2-minute video. Thank you for standing with refugee children and families in Syria and Iraq!

Photo credit to Preemptive Love Coalition.

Violence unmade the world for families in Syria and Iraq last year. The terror, slavery, separation, extortion, hunger, fear, heartbreak, poisoning of water springs, and cold nights were widespread. There was no discrimination or favoritism shown when it came to the loss of children, parents, husbands, wives, homes, businesses, and communities for Syrian, Iraqis, Kurds, Christians, Muslims, Yazidis. The young and old, the rich and poor, the rural and urban were all victims in the Middle East violence.

And while we know we cannot singlehandedly change the situation for all the families in Aleppo, Mosul, Damascus, or Fallujah, we are striving to resist the temptation to divide the situation into "us" versus "them" and turn away. Collectively we can actively give hope. Just maybe we can give enough hope and love to unmake the violence and forge peace. ...

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Thanksgiving Sale: Save 25% On Ruby & Rails

November 21, 2016

Fill up on the good stuff this Thanksgiving with 25% off our Ruby and Rails courses! You can feast on our confidence-filling courses without any extra calories.

No coupon code necessary. Prices are slashed today through Monday, November 28.

Announcing New Course for Elm 0.18

November 16, 2016

Elm is rapidly changing the front-end game! Are you ready?

We've totally redesigned and re-filmed our popular Elm course to get you up to speed with the latest version, advanced features, and cutting-edge techniques in Elm 0.18! In our new course Elm: The Pragmatic Way, we'll show you how to confidently build feature-rich Elm apps from scratch with a deep understanding of both the "how" and "why." Check out the intro video.

Get Started Today

We're releasing video modules for this new course incrementally as they're ready. The first eight modules are available starting today! More videos coming soon including effects and commands, talking to a backend API, decoding/encoding JSON, multi-page design, and more. See the full 22-module course outline.

FREE for Alumni

If you bought the previous version, then this updated course is yours absolutely FREE. Simply go to your account to get started. We'd be very grateful if you would help us spread the word about this course. Enjoy!

Early Access Price

If you're new to learning Elm with us, this course will quickly get you up to speed on a modern, reliable way to create web apps in a delightful language. And for a limited time, you can get the early access price.

We hope to see you in the Studio soon!

Keeping Your JavaScript Skills Sharp

August 23, 2016

Many of you have asked us to create courses in and around JavaScript. Frankly, we're just not JavaScript experts. But we know people who are! And we're always happy when we can find a course (or two) that we feel comfortable recommending.

Learn React By Building An App

First up, many of you are already familiar with Wes Bos' popular React for Beginners course. React is a very popular JavaScript library for building dynamic user interfaces. This 5-hour, 29-video course is an excellent way to learn React by incrementally building an application from scratch.

Learn Modern JavaScript

Wes has a brand new course: ES6 For Everyone. ES6 is not only a major update to JavaScript, but it also comes with a bunch of new features. This 6.5-hour, 66-video course offers an enjoyable and fast-paced way to discover what's new and what has changed.

Wes offers two different course packages as well as team licenses. We think the special launch price of $69 for the master package (a $70 savings!) is a fantastic value!

We hope these two courses help you move ahead with the latest happenings in JavaScript.


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Summer Sale: 25% Off

August 02, 2016

Update (August 11, 2016): We've wrapped up our summer sale (thanks everyone!), but you can still get 25% off with the alumni discount! Enjoy!

Top off your summer by saving 25% on all Pragmatic Studio courses. It's a great opportunity to advance to the next level!

Now through the end of day Wednesday, August 10, save 25% off all our courses:

Everyone saves during this sale!

  • If you’ve never taken one of our acclaimed online courses, here’s your chance to pull up a lawn chair and pick up a course at an amazing low price. 
  • If you're already a Studio alum, you'll save an additional 25% on top of your alumni discount!
  • And if you've already taken all our courses, consider sharing the news of this sale with your friends and co-workers so they too can level up their skills.

No coupon code necessary—the prices are already slashed.

Enjoy, and happy summer!

Rails 5 Course Updates

June 06, 2016
Rails 5 Ready!

Rails 5 is coming and we've got you covered with FREE course updates!

Course Updates

We've made the following updates to both our Rails Level I and Rails Level II courses for the upcoming release of Rails 5:

  • The videos now have callouts where there are (minor) syntax changes.
  • The exercises have been updated with explanations of these changes so you can confidently build your apps using either Rails 4 or 5.
  • All the code in the code bundle has been upgraded to Rails 5.
  • The cheat sheets have been revised to reflect both Rails 4 and 5 syntax.

How Does This Impact Me?

If you’re currently working through the Rails course, simply carry on! Continue with the course using Rails 4 and the code bundle you’ve already downloaded.

If you've already completed the course (or once you complete the course, if you're partway through), check out the "Rails 5 Changes" in the Rails course "Extras" section.

Rails 5 Changes

As it pertains to the topics we teach in our Rails courses, the changes for Rails 5 are fairly inconsequential. Most of what's new in Rails revolves around more advanced features that are outside the scope of our courses. At a high-level, there are three primary changes: ...

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Give the Gift of Learning

December 15, 2015

Got a developer on your gift-giving list? Give them a gift that lasts well after the holiday decorations have come down: the gift of practical can-do know-how.

Our online training courses make awesome holiday and thank you gifts and we'll even do the wrapping for you.

It's quick and easy to gift our courses. Just head on over to our course catalog, toss an online course or two into your cart, and enter the name and e-mail of the person to whom you're gifting the course.

Once the order is placed, our Ruby-powered elves will send your special developer an e-mail with instructions for accessing their online course(s). It's a great way for you to play secret Santa!

Know someone who wants to upgrade their JavaScript skills in the New Year? The new React for Beginners course is an excellent way to learn React by incrementally building an application from scratch.

To gift this course, simply make your purchase and then drop Santa (aka Wes) a note with the name and email of your gift recipient. He'll transfer it to the sleigh for Christmas delivery.

Hope you find these ideas helpful when loading up your sleigh this season.

Merry Christmas to all!

React For Beginners Course

December 09, 2015

Many of you have asked us to create courses on various JavaScript libraries. We are always humbled to hear that you'd like to learn more from us in the Studio format. At the same time, we recognize we can't be experts on every technology. JavaScript in particular falls outside our current area of expertise. So we went looking for a course we felt comfortable recommending to you...

We found Wes Bos' new course React for Beginners to be an excellent way to learn React by incrementally building an application from scratch.

Learn React, Pragmatically

We like this course because it closely aligns with the format we strive for in our own Pragmatic Studio courses:

  • The course takes a project-based approach where topics are introduced as needed to build a complete app from scratch.
  • The step-by-step format allows you to follow along with the videos and see how everything fits together.
  • You get expert instruction from someone who has spent significant time in the development trenches and has the ability to effectively teach.

And equally important, this course is a lot of fun! It's very thorough and yet the pacing feels just right. Wes has a great teaching style that makes going through the course enjoyable!

Special Launch Price

Wes offers two different course packages as well as team licenses. We think the master package for $59 (special launch price) is the best value! ...

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