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4 New Videos Added To Full-Stack GraphQL Course

May 09, 2019

We hope you’ve found the first 13 modules helpful in our recently-released Unpacked: Full-Stack GraphQL course!

Next week 🤞🏻 we’ll have news for you on our updated Ruby on Rails 6 course, but for now it’s time to crack into Absinthe mutations and API authentication with 4 new GraphQL video

In #14 Absinthe Mutations, we layer in mutations for creating and canceling a booking as well as writing a review.

But wait, only authenticated users should be able to create and cancel a booking, or write a review. So in #15 API Authentication we add two more mutations: signup and signin.

Then in #16 Authenticating API Requests, we add a piece of Absinthe middleware that attempts to identify the user sending API requests.

Finally, now that the API can identify the current user, we add a new query in #17 Current User Query to get the current user’s info, including their bookings.