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Special Launch Price 🚀 Full-Stack GraphQL Course Is Complete!

August 29, 2019

Today we released the final videos in our Unpacked: Full-Stack GraphQL course! If you’ve been waiting until this course was complete to snag your copy, your wait is over!

Find out how to put together a full-stack app using Phoenix as the backend server + Absinthe for the GraphQL API + React with Apollo on the frontend.

The full course includes:

  • 4.5 hours unpacking the code of a full-stack app
  • 37 videos all with English subtitles
  • 17 animations exploring key design elements
  • All the source code, of course!

We’ve put hundreds of hours and everything we know about how to build full-stack GraphQL apps into this course. Our hope is you’ll feel empowered to now build your own great GraphQL apps!

Final Videos Released Today

#32 Subscribing To Booking Changes

In addition to queries and mutations, Apollo Client has excellent support for GraphQL subscriptions. Given a stream of subscription data, it’s easy to merge that data directly into the Apollo cache. We set up the client to subscribe to booking changes and update the booking calendar in near real-time whenever a booking is created or canceled.

#33 Refetching Queries

Most of the time you’ll let Apollo Client cache all the query results and not think twice about it. But sometimes you need to refresh cached query results in response to a particular user action, such as creating a booking. We’ll show you how!

#34 Infinite Scroll Pagination

Paginating query results is such a common need that Apollo Client makes it easy to do. We first modify our backend GraphQL API to support offset-based pagination. Then we tie pagination into the frontend so that getaway places can be fetched and displayed in batches.