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Rails 6 Is Out, and 3 New Videos on Nested Resources

August 23, 2019

It’s official, Rails 6 is out and ready for you! 🎉

From DHH, the creator of Rails:

While we took a little while longer with the final version than expected, the time was spent vetting that Rails 6 is solid. In fact, GitHub, Shopify, and Basecamp, as well as plenty of other companies and applications, have been running the pre-release version of Rails 6 for months and months in production. We might not have caught everything, but if it’s good enough for GitHub, Shopify, and Basecamp, it’s probably good enough for you too!

Here’s something else that’s official:

Our original Rails Level I course has been entirely updated for Rails 6! The videos have been re-recorded and all the workbook exercises have been rewritten! And in coming weeks we’ll release videos on the Rails Level II content starting with user account management. Managing your users’ accounts isn’t an area of your app that should be a black box!

This week we have 3 new videos for you wrapping up one-to-many associations with Rails 6:

Registrations only make sense in the context of their associated event. So in Module #23, we mimic that one-to-many relationship in our routes by nesting registration resources within an event resource. This is a common design technique that you’ll definitely want to have in your arsenal!

How do you design a form for a one-to-many relationship so you can create child records that are associated with their parent? Answering this in Module #24 gives us an opportunity to apply (and reinforce) everything we’ve learned so far.

Once you start making associations between models and collecting data, you’ll likely discover some interesting things. What’s the average star rating for a movie? What determines if it’s a cult classic? The code that answers those type of questions is part of the business logic of your domain. And knowing where to put that code is vital to designing a maintainable application. That’s the topic of Module #25.