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Complete Unpacked Single-Page App Course Launches!

January 09, 2019

Today we released the final three videos in our Unpacked: Single-Page App course! If you’ve been waiting for this video series to be complete before buying your copy, well, your wait is over!

The full 80-minute video series includes:

  • 14 videos all with English subtitles
  • 7 animations exploring key design elements
  • All the source code, of course!

We hope you all enjoy this latest video series and feel empowered to put together Vue + Rails in your own apps!

Final Videos Released Today

#11 Authentication

How should the Vue app track who’s signed in and then communicate that to the API when making authenticated requests? And what about XSS attacks and CSRF? It turns out that relying on tried-and-true Rails session cookies proved to be great approach!

#12 Sign In

Starting with the SignIn component, we break down the progression piece by piece. We also look at using JavaScript Promises to handle varying concerns at different levels within the app.

#13 Authenticated Requests