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2 New Videos Added To Full-Stack GraphQL Course

July 18, 2019

As the heat of summer settles in 🏝, we start on the capstone of our Unpacked: Full-Stack GraphQL course. Two new videos for you this week! Ahhhh…

First up, with authentication now in place, we’re ready to explore how to query and mutate user-specific data such as a user’s bookings. We use a query to fetch the current user’s bookings and a mutation to cancel a specific booking. And we design another higher-order component that redirects to the Sign In page if you’re not signed in.

The final page puts together everything we’ve learned so far! We use a query to fetch all the details for a specific getaway place, including its bookings and reviews. We use mutations to create bookings and reviews, requiring a signed-in user. And we use a subscription to update the booking calendar in near-real time.

We start unpacking this page by looking at the query and how it interacts with the cache.