The Pragmatic Studio

Upcoming Phoenix and Ecto Course

March 24, 2024

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag!

By popular demand, our next course is on Phoenix and Ecto.

Dare we say, this is one cool cat. 😸

Taking a step-by-step approach, we’ll build a full-featured application that showcases the power and elegance of this amazing stack.

And by the end, you’ll be saying “Aha, now I get how to put everything together!” 🤩

Right now the course stands at around 50 modules. (Yeah, it’s super comprehensive!)

We start from scratch, and build out features incrementally. Topics include:

  • Routing
  • Controllers
  • HEEx Templates
  • Components
  • Page Navigation
  • Ecto Schemas and Migrations
  • Ecto Queries
  • Designing Context Modules
  • Ecto Changesets
  • Building Forms
  • Phoenix and Ecto Generators
  • Full Admin UI From Scratch
  • One-to-Many Associations
  • Streams
  • Preloading Associations
  • User Accounts
  • Plugs and Pipelines
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Live Sessions
  • Many-to-Many Associations
  • Phoenix PubSub
  • Presence Tracking
  • Schemaless Ecto Queries
  • File Exports
  • Uploading Images

So… when is it coming?

At this point we don’t have an ETA. We’re waiting for the next milestone versions of Phoenix and LiveView before hitting “record” on 50+ videos. 😳

In the meantime, we have some Phoenix, Ecto, and LiveView technical goodies we’d love to share with you. If you’re interested, sign up to get the newsletter exclusively for this upcoming course.

We’re really pleased with how the course came together, and very much look forward to rolling it out to you! We think you’re gonna 🧡 it.