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New Hotwire Video: Stimulus Targets, Values, and More!

April 06, 2022

Want to invite your favorite JavaScript library to the Hotwire party? We thought you might! 😉

In the Gone Fishin’ app of our Hotwire for Rails Developers course, we wanted a JS range slider library to filter catches, like this:

Using a JS library gives us an opportunity to learn Stimulus in more depth with yet another real-life example. And this one involves a little of everything:

  • lifecycle callbacks,
  • values,
  • targets, and
  • handling and dispatching custom events

In this new video you’ll learn everything needed to integrate pretty much any JS library into your Hotwire app! If you already own the course, you’ll find the new video ready for you in your account.

Next Up

We’re working on videos for the 4th and final page of the app where we’ll dive deep into broadcasting real-time updates and infinite scrolling. Because no angler wants to miss out on the latest fishing activity. 🐟 😵 🐠