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LiveView Course Update #2: Live Nav, Sorting, and Pagination

February 23, 2023

We hope you’re enjoying early access to our Phoenix LiveView course! Today we added three new videos that are now ready for you…

Live Navigation

Page navigation with LiveView is really sweet. It’s faster than your typical single-page application in part because of the over-the-wire data optimizations. And it’s far simpler to implement as compared to the complexity of a client-side JavaScript framework. We see two ways to do live navigation and also how to handle changing URL parameters.


No page of tabular data is complete without links for sorting each column. And of course you also want the sorting options to be preserved in the URL so bookmarked pages show consistent results. No worries, we’ll help you sort out (sorry!) how to do that using everything we learned about live navigation.


Pagination is a must-have for most applications. And navigating between pages of Ecto records is super-zippy thanks to live navigation and the raw power of Phoenix. You can adapt the techniques you learn to lots of different scenarios in your own apps. Plus, there’s pizza involved.

How do I get the new course modules?

If you purchased the previous Pro version of the course, go to your account dashboard and click the big green “REDEEM” button to get the new Pro course for free. Or, if you’ve already done that, just head over to the course and you’ll find the new modules ready for you!

Don’t yet own the Pro course? What are you waiting for? You can do amazing things with LiveView! And there’s still time to get the Pro course at the early access price:

We’re already working on the next batch of videos covering LiveView forms that validate and save Ecto records to the database, and the new streams feature for efficiently handling large collections.

Thanks again for following along with us. We hope you’re having a blast with LiveView! 🚀