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2 New Videos Added To Rails 6 Course

June 18, 2019

The app we’re building in our step-by-step Rails 6 course needs two additional features: a custom query and a new database migration. How do we do this? Find out in the two new videos this week! 🎥

#16 Custom Queries

How do we fetch a subset of events from the database? Thankfully, Active Record has a rich query interface that insulates us from having to write raw SQL to query our data. Master these query methods and you can slice and dice your data with ease, regardless of which database you use.

#17 Migrations Revisited

What happens when we need to add new fields to a database table? Well, it’s time for a new migration! And anytime you migrate the database, you also need to think through the ripple effects. Come along as we work through all the steps to accommodate a new migration.