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“If you are looking for deeply technical and immersive video training, @pragmaticstudio is a steal. The pacing and content is second to none in my experience!”
As software makers, being able to learn new things quickly and well is a superpower. That's why we create clear and concise video courses for busy developers. Courses that are up-to-date, to the point, and quickly move you from confusion to "Aha, now I get it!"

In-Depth Video Courses

Never get lost in the magic again.


Elixir & OTP

Learn Elixir by building a practical app using all the facets of this functional language.

Full-Stack Phoenix

Everything you need to build real-time, interactive web apps at scale.


Fast-track your way to building Phoenix LiveViews like a pro.
Unpacked Graphql

Full-Stack GraphQL

Unpack a complete GraphQL app built with Phoenix and React.


Learn Ruby and OO programming to unlock a world of opportunities.

Ruby on Rails 7

Build a full-featured Rails 7 app from idea to deployment.


Put Hotwire into action by turbo-charging a Rails app.
Ruby Blocks

Ruby Blocks

Design powerful, elegant Ruby code by mastering blocks and iterators.

Latest Free Tutorials

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What Can Graphql Do
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Create Elixir Mix Project And Run Code
Ruby Macros
Rails Console Shortcuts Tips Tricks

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Ross Curzon-Butler
Your course has been one of the most amazing learning experiences I have ever had. I'm absolutely loving it. The speed of the course is perfect. The tone of the videos is just right, and the workbooks are great.” Ross Curzon-Butler
Rebecca Le
“I'm not usually a fan of video courses, but @pragmaticstudio programming courses are *excellent*. Highly recommended and worth every cent!Rebecca Le
Christel Trutmann
“Most tutorials are only one-feature deep which left me with a lot of questions. I loved seeing everything working together...” Christel Trutmann
Chase Pursley
This course absolutely exceeded my expectations. Building up a web framework from scratch was quite an eye opener. I only wish I took it sooner!” Chase Pursley
Dana Nourie
This Rails course is fabulous! I took a few other courses, but still felt really confused. I learned a lot, feel more comfortable with Rails...This is my favorite Rails course.” Dana Nourie
Bruno Dusausoy
“This course, as well as all the other Pragmatic Studio courses, approaches perfection! The tone is pleasant, the explanations are clear, the exercises are interesting, and the course is ideal for practicing and learning.” Bruno Dusausoy
Eirik Holm
Our new hires are loving your online Ruby and Rails courses.Eirik Holm
Miriam Tocino
“Thanks to everything I learned with you, I am about to land a new job in which I will be programming in Ruby on Rails. Thank you very much for that!” Miriam Tocino
Thomas Neal
This is the best Rails course hands-down! I've worked through several Rails courses and they don't even come close to explaining things as well as you do.” Thomas Neal
Sergio Tapia
“This is the best Elixir material I've used... It really cemented my Elixir knowledge and I feel much more comfortable in my Elixir role.” Sergio Tapia
Robert Calco
Best $$ I ever spent on video training!” Robert Calco