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Elm: Building Reactive Web Apps

20-Video Tutorial • 2 hours

Evan czaplicki
“Great ramp up from total beginner to building apps and having fun!” — Evan Czaplicki, creator of Elm

Elm: Signals, Mailboxes & Ports

New Release! • 14-Video Tutorial • 2 hours

Bruce williams
“Just.. wow. Bravo! It's so good. Thank you for explaining this stuff so well, like usual.” — Bruce Williams

Ruby Programming

Online Video Course • 25 Videos • Hands-on Exercises

Tony barone
“The course is outstanding! The best I've ever taken. Rails is so much less mysterious now that I'm learning Ruby the right way.” — Tony Barone

Mastering Ruby Blocks & Iterators

Online Video Course • 15 Videos • Hands-on Exercises • 40+ Code Examples

Randy burgess
“This course taught me a number of great techniques… Even more valuable are the use cases, which set the course apart from many other programs that teach the how, but not the why.” — Randy Burgess

Ruby on Rails: Level I

Online Video Course • 36 Videos • Hands-on Exercises • Build 3 Apps

Jonathan mundy
“I completed a few Rails tutorials before, but this course contained more lightbulb moments than the rest of them put together. The explanations were clean, clear, and precise, and breaking things down into diagrams really helped.” — Jonathan Mundy

Ruby on Rails: Level II

Online Video Course • 20 Videos • Hands-on Exercises

Thomas neal
“This is the best Rails training hands-down! I've worked through several Rails courses and they don't even come close to explaining things as well as you do.” — Thomas Neal