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“Your course has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had learning coding. I'm absolutely loving it. The speed of the course is perfect. The tone of the videos is just right, and the workbooks are great.” Ross Curzon-Butler
Ruby Programming 25 Videos • 5 Hours Learn More
Ruby on Rails: Level I 36 Videos • 6 Hours Learn More
Building Web Apps with Elm 22 Videos • 3.5 Hours Learn More
Developing With Elixir/OTP 36 Videos • 6.5 Hours Learn More
Mastering Ruby Blocks 15 Videos • 2 Hours Learn More
Ruby on Rails: Level II 20 Videos • 4 Hours Learn More
Unpacked: Multi-Player Bingo 26 Videos • 3.5 Hours Learn More

More Learning, Less Churning

By building real projects with real code from scratch, you'll understand how everything fits together beginning to end so you can confidently build your own apps.

Project-Based Approach

Our focus is always on helping you build real applications. Each new topic or technique in the progression of a course is motivated by the next feature. Frankly, academic theory and syntax-driven courses leave us asleep at the keyboard.

Concise Workflow

How do you get started? What happens next? Where do you go from there? We show you our incremental, step-by-step workflow so you can start (and finish!) your projects with confidence.

Break It Down

Let's cut right through the confusion! We use live coding and animated visuals to deepen your understanding of both the how and the why.

Put It All Together

From idea to deployment, you learn how all the pieces fit together to build a robust application running on your local computer.

Instant, Never-Ending Access

You buy it, you own it. Free and clear. No monthly subscription or time limit means you can revisit the material whenever you want.

We Respect Your Time

Our videos get right to the point, pace things to keep you engaged, and are post-produced to the highest quality so you get a streamlined, time-friendly learning experience.

For Developers, By Developers

Free Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Keep You Sharp

The new debugger in Elm 0.18 is a game-changer, and a conversation changer! See how in this 3-minute video. Watch Now
By recreating a simplified version of the has_many declaration from scratch, you'll understand how to apply this same powerful technique. Watch Now
Learn how to create, preview, and send emails from your Rails app in this step-by-step tutorial. Watch Now
Wondering how to get started adding JavaScript to your Rails app? This video shows you how to add effects with jQuery and send Ajax requests. Watch Now

Meet Mike & Nicole

Perhaps we've met in person at one of the 100+ public courses we hosted from 2005 to 2013. Or maybe you're one of thousands who spend time with us watching a video course on your commute or lunch break. Or you might be new here. In any case, we're delighted to have you join us in the Studio!

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What Folks Say About Us

Your course has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had learning coding. I'm absolutely loving it. The speed of the course is perfect. The tone of the videos is just right, and the workbooks are great.” Ross Curzon-Butler
“Thanks to everything I learned with you, I am about to land a new job in which I will be programming in Ruby on Rails. Thank you very much for that!” Miriam Tocino
“I've been trying to add Ruby and Rails to my tool belt for the past 3 years, and have tried a handful of books and online courses. But, I've never been able to stick with any until I tried your Ruby course. I'm loving the course!Jeremy Kratz
This is the best beginning Rails course I've found. I finally have a strong Rails foundation. Coming into the course, I had so many loose ends regarding how Rails worked, but I finished the course with the confidence to create my own app.” Brad Ballard
The Rails I course is leagues above some others I've tried. First of all, Mike and Nicole have skills as instructors, not just developers, so I didn't feel they were talking above my head... The exercises in the example apps are very relevant and I left the course with a whole new level of expertise. I can't recommend this course enough!” Anne Richardson
“Everything is great: the material, the teachers, the simple, concise, yet clear explanations in all the courses. I think these are the best Ruby and Rails online courses for people that want to jump into Rails. All of the courses are worth every penny!” Alfian Losari
“This course, as well as all the other Pragmatic Studio courses, approaches perfection! The tone is pleasant, the explanations are clear, the exercises are interesting, and the course is ideal for practicing and learning.” Bruno Dusausoy
I loved the real-life examples, rather than contrived code, in this course. These examples made it easy to relate the techniques to my own code.” Steve Willis
This Rails course is fabulous! I took a few other courses, but still felt really confused. I learned a lot, feel more comfortable with Rails...This is my favorite Rails course.” Dana Nourie
This is the best Rails training hands-down! I've worked through several Rails courses and they don't even come close to explaining things as well as you do.” Thomas Neal