The Pragmatic Studio

Early Access Opens to the Unpacked Single-Page App Course

December 04, 2018

Single-page applications (SPAs) are cropping up everywhere across the landscape of modern web app development. But building a solid SPA can be tricky: the frontend JavaScript and backend API need to work in harmony.

So what does it take to put together a single-page app using Vue.js on the frontend and Rails as the backend API? And how would you design it in a pragmatic, straightforward way? That’s what our new video series is all about!

Today we’re opening early access to our Unpacked: Single-Page App course.

The first 5 modules are available so you don’t have to wait to get unpacking. We’ll release new modules incrementally as they’re ready in upcoming weeks. By rolling out this course early, we hope that you’ll benefit from exploring a full-stack Vue.js + Rails app and can use it as a springboard for creating your own app!

Rails may not be in the news as much as in years past, but it’s everywhere! So even if you’re using the hottest JavaScript framework, such as Vue.js, at some point you’ll likely need to talk to a Rails app.