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4 New Videos on Elm Added To Unpacked Multi-Player Bingo Course

April 12, 2018

This week we dive into the third part of our Multi-Player Bingo game: the Elm app. From how our Elm code gets compiled and kicked off to talking on Phoenix channels, we unpack it all in today’s 4 new videos!

#12 Elm Front-End App Overview

A high-level overview reveals our Elm app is comprised of two buckets of code, and a handful of dependencies.

#13 Building With Brunch

When it comes to compiling all our Elm code to JS, packaging it up with all the other JS code in our app, and then building all our assets, the Brunch tool does all the hard work.

#14 Embedding With Flags

To kick off our Elm app, we use a dash of JavaScript to embed the app in a specific element of the page.

#15 Sockets and Channels

It’s time to get the conversation started and discover how our Elm app talks on Phoenix channels. Ready. Set. Join!