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Phoenix LiveView

Completely updated top-to-bottom for Phoenix 1.7 and LiveView 1.0

You're gonna love how the latest versions of Phoenix and LiveView simplify and unify everything! 💛

But who has time to wade through all the books, blog posts, YouTube videos, and so on...

... and decipher the diffs between old and new ways of doing things

... and figure out how all the pieces fit together?

Not you, that's who!

You're a busy developer with lots of curiosities to curb.

So we distilled what you need to know about LiveView, assembled it in the right order, and neatly packaged it as a video course that's paced for experienced, gotta-get-it-done developers like you. 🙌

It's a carefully-crafted course that ticks all the boxes so you can quickly start building LiveView apps like a pro with:

  • real-world mini-projects that solve a variety of common challenges
  • practical techniques you can immediately apply to your own projects
  • super-clear explanations so you get good mental models
  • a look behind the scenes so nothing is left as "magic"
  • step-by-step progression that fills in all the gaps
  • meaningful exercises to lock in what you learn
  • engaging, tightly-edited videos that value YOUR time!

Plus it's all sizzling hot with new content on HEEx templates, function and live components, declarative assigns, slots, live sessions, presence tracking, JS Commands, and more.

This course is as fresh as it gets!

“This course is fantastic! It has helped me understand LiveView so much better. I love how you not only show us how to do the LiveView stuff but also explain the mechanisms behind it

Julien Crevits Julien Crevits

New to LiveView?

Here's the quick lowdown.

LiveView is a library that's included in all Phoenix apps. It lets you to build interactive, real-time web apps faster and with less code. The advantages are unrivaled by other modern web frameworks:

  • both client and server in sync, always and seamlessly
  • persistent connections highly-optimized for web scale
  • a unified code base to ease maintenance
  • a robust, easy-to-use toolchain
  • built-in PubSub, presence tracking, and authentication systems
  • Elixir and OTP's lightweight process and concurrency model
  • runs on the massively-scalable, fault-tolerant Erlang VM
  • a simple, yet powerful, programming model that's a treat to use
  • no custom JavaScript or external dependencies

But reading about LiveView doesn't come close to seeing it in action. See what LiveView is, how it works, and what you can do with it in this 4-minute explainer video:

“I had a blast working through this course and learned a ton! I loved the combination of videos with detailed walk-throughs of each concept and then exercises that I could complete on my own to cement the concepts.”

Tom Monks Tom Monks

Course Outline

Videos just the way you like 'em: easy to digest, straight to the point, and paced for experienced developers.

1 What Is LiveView?

And what problems does it solve? What can you do with it? See how LiveView offers an easier and faster way to build multi-user, interactive, real-time web apps at scale on the super-charged Elixir/Phoenix platform.

2 LiveView in Action

Our first project is a simple light controller that reacts to user events: turning the light on and off, and dimming it up and down. Building this from scratch is a great way to get our feet wet with LiveView's reactive programming model using HEEx templates and mount, render, and handle_event callbacks. (Live Demo)

3 LiveView Life Cycle

No hand-waving in this course! We take a deep-dive exploration of the lifecycle of a LiveView so you understand exactly how it works. And we take it a step further by looking at the websocket traffic to see how LiveView delivers optimized UI updates at blazing-fast speeds.

4 Dynamic Form

Building this project step-by-step gives us our first look at a LiveView that reacts to form changes and introduces more features of HEEx templates. Later on in the course we build more sophisticated forms, but this simple dynamic form is an ideal and instructive starting point. (Live Demo)

5 Dashboard

LiveViews are stateful Elixir processes. That's a total game-changer! Not only can LiveViews react to user interactions at remarkable speed and scale, they can also dynamically update UIs when state changes on the server. As an example of handling internal messages, we create a live dashboard of stats that change on a periodic interval. (Live Demo)

6 Live Search

Want to run a search and get the results without a full page reload? LiveView makes that snappy! It's so responsive you almost don't need a loading state, but we add a spinner for completeness. We also look at how LiveView optimizes data over-the-wire when rendering lists. It's crazy smart. (Live Demo)

7 Autocomplete

With LiveView, server-side data feels right at your fingertips. In this project we fetch suggestions as you type, and toss in a dose of debouncing for good measure. Go ahead and slip this code right into your own LiveView forms. No JavaScript required. (Live Demo)

8 Filtering

How would you build a LiveView that filters data stored in your Ecto repo based on dynamically-changing filter criteria? The user ticks a box or changes an option and boom! the page updates with results. We show you exactly how to build it, and you can easily adapt this project to suit your own filtering needs. (Live Demo)

9 Function Components

Components, components, components! Once you know how to make them, you'll find lots of opportunities to restructure LiveViews into reusable, easy-to-maintain components. We make a function component with declarative assigns and slots, and also extract a few function components from an existing LiveView to improve the overall design.

10 Live Navigation

Page navigation with LiveView is really sweet. It's faster than your typical single-page application in part because of the over-the-wire data optimizations. And it's far simpler to implement as compared to the complexity of a client-side JavaScript framework. In this project, we see two ways to do live navigation and also how to handle changing URL parameters. (Live Demo)

11 Sorting

No page of tabular data is complete without links for sorting each column. And of course you also want the sorting options to be preserved in the URL so bookmarked pages show consistent results. No worries, this project will sort you out on how to do that using live navigation! (Live Demo)

12 Pagination

Pagination is a must-have for most applications. And navigating between pages of Ecto results is super-zippy thanks to live navigation and the raw power of Phoenix. You can adapt the techniques you learn in this project to lots of different scenarios in your own apps. (Live Demo)

13 Live Ecto Forms and Lists

Here's a common thing you need to do: pop some data in a form, submit it to create a record in the database, and dynamically add the new thing to a list. By combining LiveView and Ecto, we have a powerful duo for handling all this server-side without any full page reloads. (Live Demo)

14 Live Validations

How do you validate form data on the fly? By combining Ecto changesets with the real-time performance of LiveView, we can use all the server-side validations to give instant feedback to the user. It's one unified code base, so there's no need for separate client-side validations. (Live Demo)

15 Streams

LiveView is chock full of optimizations! When you need to efficiently manage large collections of items in a stateful LiveView process, streams is the ticket. Stream items are temporary: they're freed from LiveView's state as soon as they're rendered. We use streams to dynamically add, update, and delete items on the client without the overhead of keeping them on the server.

16 Toggling State

Pending or approved? Draft or published? Shipped or delivered? You often need a UI element that dynamically toggles a bit of state without triggering a full page update. We'll show you how to do it lickety-split the LiveView way without a stitch of JavaScript. (Live Demo)

17 Live Components

In addition to function (stateless) components, LiveView also has live (stateful) components. They have their own state, handle their own events, and render independent of their parent LiveView. We build a live component step-by-step so you understand how they work, when and why to use them, and how they communicate with their parent.

18 Real-Time Updates

You don't have to jump through a bunch of hoops to update LiveViews in real-time across multiple browser sessions. Phoenix PubSub makes it super easy to broadcast messages from the server to multiple LiveViews. In this project we use PubSub to keep everything in sync! (Live Demo)

19 Authenticating LiveViews

How does authentication work when it comes to LiveView and websocket connections? For starters, you need a secure session-based authentication system that has all the standard features: register, log in, log out, and so on. And thankfully Phoenix has a built-in generator to add a full-featured authentication system right into your app. We walk through the relevant code and then use it to seamlessly and securely authenticate LiveViews. (Live Demo)

20 Live Sessions

You often want to enforce the same authentication policy across a group of live routes. That's where live sessions come in super handy. And LiveView has special optimizations for live navigating between LiveViews in the same live session. You won't want to miss these pro-level design and performance techniques! (Live Demo)

21 Presence Tracking

Multi-user, real-time presence updates: you'd settle for nothing less in today's apps, right? But presence tracking is typically a DIY project. Not so with Phoenix! It has unrivaled, built-in presence tracking that uses PubSub to broadcast presence updates in real-time. We combine it with LiveView to build a fun yet real-world application. (Live Demo)

22 JavaScript Commands

Sometimes you need a client-side effect: toggle visibility, add or remove CSS classes, transition using animations, and so on. Typically you'd do that with a dash of custom JavaScript. But with JS Commands, you can get the same effect without actually writing JavaScript. Plus changes made by JS Commands are preserved across patches from the server. (Live Demo)

23 JavaScript Hooks

Want to invite your favorite JavaScript library to the party? LiveView has excellent support for JavaScript interop. In this project we hook a JS calendar library into a LiveView so they work together seamlessly. Given what you learn in this project, you can get any JS library to play well with a LiveView! (Live Demo)

24 Key Events

LiveView has first-class support for key events, making it easy to support keyboard shortcuts, hot keys, and the like. To show you how it's done and have some fun along the way, in this project we bring a lil' juggler to life by directing his actions with a variety of key events. (Live Demo)

25 File Uploads

File uploads are an essential part of many web apps. Roll your own solution? Nah, you've got better things to do than reinvent this tricky wheel. LiveView has fantastic built-in support for uploading multiple files concurrently with progress updates and enforced file constraints. This project gives you a turn-key direct-to-server or direct-to-cloud solution that you can easily adapt to your own needs. (Live Demo)


“This is an awesome course! I really appreciate the way you build up the knowledge bit by bit. I'm already feeling confident to go out and use LiveView in my own projects.”

Jaime Iniesta Jaime Iniesta

What You'll Get

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Visual explanations of all the key concepts with rich animations so you get a solid mental model for how everything works.
Notes and Exercises
Supplemental footnotes, handy tips and tricks, and 50+ guided exercises where you build different (fun!) LiveView projects. All the exercise solutions are included.
Source Code
Full source code for all the LiveView projects, along with before and after versions of the code for each course module.

The amount of value in this course is INSANE. What a great resource!”

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It's been a very long time since I’ve had this much fun learning something. The explanations are SUPER clear and easy to remember. It's all very impressive!”

Felix Borzik Felix Borzik

For Experienced Developers

Who are already familiar with Elixir and Phoenix

To keep this course focused and paced just right, we assume you're already familiar with the Elixir programming language and the Phoenix web framework.

New to Elixir? No worries. Our comprehensive Elixir & OTP course will totally get you ready for Phoenix. We think it's the best course on Elixir that you'll find, and lots of folks agree!

New to Phoenix? We gotcha covered there, too. Our Full-Stack Phoenix course will get you up to speed in no time. It's a fun and comprehensive way to learn Phoenix front-to-back!

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Howdy! We're the friendly couple behind The Pragmatic Studio.

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We've been using Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView since their early days. To help you learn them, we've created all sorts of courses: Elixir and OTP, Full-Stack Phoenix, Multi-Player Game with Phoenix, and Full-Stack GraphQL with Phoenix.

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José Valim is the creator of the Elixir programming language, co-creator of Phoenix LiveView, and Chief Adoption Officer at Dashbit.

We're super thankful for José's support of this project. His review of early drafts of our animations was instrumental in helping highlight and clarify what's unique about LiveView. Thanks, José!

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The balance between theory and practice is spot on, and the use cases are very helpful. I also really enjoyed the part where you dig into the diffs for each socket message and how that builds the DOM. Great work!” Toni
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