Level-up your Ruby skills and improve the design of your code by mastering Ruby blocks and iterators in this example-driven, hands-on course.

To be an effective Ruby programmer you must become a master of Ruby blocks. Blocks are an intrinsic and powerful aspect of the language. Many of the methods in the Ruby standard library assume you have a solid understanding of blocks. And blocks are used pervasively in Ruby gems (including Rails) and all well-designed Ruby code. If you're not using blocks then you're probably doing it wrong. This course is your path to mastery.

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Randy burgess
“This course taught me a number of great techniques… Even more valuable are the use cases, which set the course apart from many other programs that teach the how, but not the why.” — Randy Burgess
Hans verschooten
“I've been using Ruby for a few years and bumped into blocks but I was never really getting them. Your course helped me finally wrap my head around them! Now I'm off to refactor some of my code!” — Hans verschooten
Bruno dusausoy
“This course, as well as all the other Pragmatic Studio courses, approaches perfection! The tone is pleasant, the explanations are clear, the exercises are interesting, and the course is ideal for practicing and learning.” — Bruno Dusausoy

Become a master of Ruby blocks!

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Design More Powerful Code With Blocks, The Ruby Way

  • Block Basics

    To be an effective Ruby programmer, you need to be very proficient with blocks. We'll start with the basics and work up to advanced block usage. In the end you'll be adept at reading and writing any code that uses blocks.

  • When, Why, & How to Use Blocks

    Once you're comfortable with the syntax, the next level is to understand when and why to use blocks. You'll learn how to effectively apply blocks in a variety of situations to make your code more expressive, concise, and flexible.

  • Design Techniques & Patterns

    Blocks offer a different (powerful!) style of programming that should influence the design of your code. Throughout the course we'll examine many use cases where blocks elegantly solve common problems. Discover how to use blocks to remove unnecessary code, design custom iterators, manage resources, and more! You'll be able to immediately apply these techniques and patterns to your own code.

  • Real-World, Practical Examples

    No dry definitions or boring theory here. This course is loaded with good examples of blocks and iterators used in various scenarios. By seeing recurring patterns in different contexts, you'll come away with a clear understanding of not just how blocks work but, equally important, when and where to use them.

Mike clark
This is the course I wish I would have had in my early days of Ruby (10 years ago!).” — Mike Clark

Learn and Master Blocks, The Pragmatic Way

In our popular online format you'll learn through a unique mix of watching, coding, reading, and experimenting. You get more learning and less churning:

  • 15 Downloadable Videos: HD-Quality and DRM-free

    The videos are a combination of guided instruction, live-coding, discussions, and animated visuals to deepen your understanding. To get a feel for the video format, watch the first few videos of the course for free. The total video duration is a little over 2 hours divided into 10-20 minute modules. All the videos are licensed for individual use, and once you download them they're yours forever!

  • Online Exercise Workbook (12 Chapters)

    Each video has a corresponding chapter in an online workbook where you apply what you learned in the video through a series of exercises completed on your own computer. Check out the exercise format by working through the first few exercises of the course for free. Of course all the solutions are provided and the workbook content is easily searchable, so you always have a reference library at your fingertips!

  • Example Code

    You get over 40 code examples that illustrate how blocks are used effectively in a variety of situations. You can then apply these same patterns and techniques to your own code.

  • Cheat Sheets

    For handy reference during and after the course, you get a set of PDF cheat sheets that summarize all the syntax, concepts, and idioms taught in this course.

  • Support Mailing List

    Post questions, get answers, share insights, discuss Ruby topics, and connect with other students who are pursuing similar goals.

  • Never-Ending Access

    This is not a monthy subscription, so there's no time limit to complete the course. You can revisit all the material whenever you want. It's the perfect environment for learning at your own pace, and on your own time.

  • Proof of Completion

    When you've completed the course, you can easily showcase your accomplishment by sharing the link to your personal alumni page.

  • Alumni Status and Discount

    After purchasing your first online course, you immediately become a Pragmatic Studio alumni and get 25% off all subsequent Ruby and Rails courses!

You Don't Have To Be a Ruby Master to Master Ruby Blocks

This course is a great learning resource for Ruby programmers of all levels. Whether you're a new or experienced Ruby (or Rails) developer, you'll learn design techniques and idioms in this course that will change the way you code going forward.

If you're brand new to the Ruby programming language we strongly recommend taking our online Ruby Programming course prior to this course.

We'll Help You Become A Ruby Blockhead!

Mike and Nicole

Mike and Nicole Clark run The Pragmatic Studio, an acclaimed source of software developer training. Over the last nine years, we've helped over 2,500 developers improve their craft through public, private, and online courses. In this course, we hope to encourage more folks to discover the joy and rewards of programming in Ruby!

Become a more effective Ruby programmer!

One-Time Payment • You own the course forever!