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Phoenix LiveView

A free course to help you quickly and smartly use LiveView to add dynamic UI features to your Phoenix apps!

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LiveView In 4 Minutes

LiveView brings the heat without any of the burn, enabling you to build Phoenix apps with interactive, real-time user experiences without writing JavaScript.

The results are dramatic and game-changing:

  • both client and server in sync, always and seamlessly
  • persistent connections highly-optimized for web scale
  • robust and resilient UIs so you can rock and roll
  • a unified code base that's easier to maintain
  • no custom JavaScript or external dependencies

Oh yeah, and LiveView also has a simple (almost addictive!) programming model which makes it a really fun library to use. So much fun in fact that once we got started we discovered all sorts of common UI challenges that LiveView neatly solves.

That's what this course is all about: walking through practical LiveView examples that you can slip right into your own app. By seeing LiveView used in many different situations, you'll quickly build up a strong intuition for when and how to use it.

Our aim in this course is to answer three questions:

🔥 What Is It? 🔥 How Does It Work? 🔥 What Can I Build?

Below you'll find more details about this course. If you're interested, add your email to the list and we'll send you progress updates. Thanks!

Mike & Nicole Clark

Preliminary Course Outline

Videos just the way you like 'em: easy to digest, straight to the point, and paced for experience developers!

  • What Is LiveView?
  • Example #1: Button Clicks
  • LiveView Life Cycle
  • Example #2: Dynamic Form
  • Example #3: Dashboard
  • LiveEEx Optimizations
  • Example #4: Live Search
  • Example #5: Autocompletion
  • Example #6: Filtering
  • Example #7: Pagination
  • Example #8: Sorting
  • Example #9: Toggling State
  • Example #10: Real-Time Updates
  • Example #11: Live-Validated Form
  • Example #12: Live Components
  • And More Examples!

Coming Soon! Get the lowdown as this course heats up.

For Experienced Developers

To keep this course focused and paced just right, we assume you're already familiar with Elixir and Phoenix.

If you're new to Elixir, our Elixir and OTP course is the most approachable introduction out there. Start here to master Elixir and harness the power of OTP which is leveraged by Phoenix and LiveView.

If you've been around the block with Elixir and Phoenix, while you wait for this LiveView course discover how Absinthe makes building a GraphQL API a breeze for Elixir developers in our Full-Stack GraphQL course.