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What Is Phoenix LiveView?

February 09, 2023

What is LiveView, what problems does it solve, and what can you do with it? Here’s our take in a 4-minute video for busy, curious developers:

In summary, LiveView offers some unique features:

  • LiveView uses a persistent websocket connection to send events to a stateful, lightweight Elixir process. So LiveView applications react almost instantly to user events. And both the client and server always stay in sync.

  • While other technologies that perform server-side rendering often send the whole page on every user event, LiveView knows exactly what changed and it sends clients only the changed values.

  • Changes on the server can also be pushed to multiple clients. That’s really important for building distributed, real-time applications.

  • LiveView is built on top of the Phoenix platform with built-in PubSub, presence tracking, and authentication systems. And the entire stack runs on the massively-scalable, fault-tolerant Erlang VM, so Phoenix can reliably handle millions of concurrent websocket connections.

  • A simple, yet powerful, programming model that’s a treat to use!

All in all, LiveView lets you to build interactive, real-time web apps faster and with less code.

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