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Full-Stack GraphQL
with Absinthe, Phoenix, and React

a design and code exploration

👆 Here's a 2-minute overview of the app we built

GraphQL is revolutionizing the way developers build APIs. Gone are the days when the server decided the shape of the response data. GraphQL puts the client in control so it can fetch exactly the data it needs and nothing more.

Which got us wondering: What does it take to put together a full-stack GraphQL app using

  • React with Apollo on the frontend,

  • the Absinthe GraphQL toolkit for Elixir, and

  • Phoenix as the backend server?

To answer that, we did a ton of research, built a full-featured GraphQL application, and had it tech reviewed by a co-creator of Absinthe. Now we would love to help YOU get up to speed with GraphQL!

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Wait, What Is GraphQL?

It's an expressive query language for your API that blah, blah, blah...

Indeed, our eyes glazed over every time we tried to write a definition for you. So we decided to take a different approach!

In this short animation, you'll see what GraphQL is!

What Can GraphQL Do?

GraphQL lets you query your data, but there's so much more...

In this 5-minute video, you'll see GraphQL queries, mutations, and subscriptions in action!

What Does Unpacked Mean?

You're beyond a step-by-step intro course.

Step-by-step introductory courses are great for learning syntax, vocabulary, and basic concepts. But once you've got the fundamentals down, as an experienced developer your time is better spent:

  • dissecting a full-stack application layer by layer without the tedious typing of all the code

  • focusing on the design, architecture, and actual implementation of a solid application

  • diving deep into the interesting parts of a complete, feature-rich application

In other words, we unpack apps in our Studio so you can put them together in yours!


For Experienced Developers

This course is for experienced Elixir, Phoenix, React developers who are:

  • Curious about GraphQL. You've heard about it, and perhaps even noticed that some of your favorite platforms now support a GraphQL API. But you're wondering what all the hoopla is about. You need someone to cut through the hype and walk you through a pragmatic example of a GraphQL API and a frontend that uses it. In other words, you're looking to keep up to date with modern API development.

  • Considering if GraphQL is a good fit for your application and team. You're already using the Elixir/OTP platform to good effect: it's robust, scalable, and fast! But perhaps your RESTful API isn't quite as flexible or maintainable as you'd like. Or maybe you're developing a new API from scratch and want to explore what GraphQL can do for you.

  • Creating a full-stack GraphQL application and want a jumpstart. No need to get bogged down in figuring out how to put all the pieces together yourself. Save time and frustration by using our full-stack application as a springboard for creating your own app!

Still not sure if this course is for you? Ask us!

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Technical Reviewer

Bruce Williams is the co-creator/maintainer of the Absinthe project, the GraphQL toolkit for Elixir, and co-author of "Craft GraphQL APIs in Elixir with Absinthe," published by The Pragmatic Bookshelf in 2018.

Many thanks to Bruce for reviewing the application code! His unique insights and suggestions based on hard-earned experience with GraphQL were instrumental in the design of this course.

Created by Mike and Nicole

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