Wishing you could create iOS apps using Ruby?

Many of the folks who have taken our Ruby and Rails courses have also crossed over and taken our iOS course. They enjoy learning new things, and we always advocate using the best tool for the job. But if you're a Rubyist, having to learn Objective-C to write iOS apps feels a bit heavy-handed. So we often get asked: When will I be able to use Ruby to write my iOS apps? Well, your wish (and ours) just came true!

RubyMotion is an exciting new toolchain that lets you create fast, native iOS apps using the Ruby programming language and the entire set of public APIs in the iOS SDK. It's a commercial product that was hand-crafted over many years by Laurent Sansonetti, a former Apple employee and creator of MacRuby. He recently gave us a sneak peek, and we immediately knew RubyMotion was something our alumni (and Rubyists in general) would be curious to try. So we put together a screencast to help you get started.

In this free 50-minute screencast, you'll learn how to create a basic iOS app using RubyMotion (source code). It covers all the high points of RubyMotion, and assumes you're familiar with Ruby and the iOS SDK.

To use RubyMotion effectively requires a good understanding of Ruby and the iOS frameworks. If you're new to Ruby or need to brush up on your skills, check out our online Ruby Programming course.