4 ways to save! We offer alumni, combo, academic/military, and team discounts.

#1 Alumni Discount on Ruby and Rails

If you've previously purchased an online course or attended a public Pragmatic Studio event, then you're an alum! To get the 25% alumni discount on all Ruby and Rails courses, simply log in to your account before placing your order.

Or you can add a course to your cart without logging in, and then enter your student information using your alumni e-mail address. Either way, you'll be recognized as an esteemed alumni and you'll automatically save 25% on Ruby and Rails courses.

For example, if you've already purchased the Ruby course and now you're ready to move on to Rails, when you add the Rails course to your cart you'll see the alumni discount applied.

Alumni Discount

#2 Combo Discount

If you purchase more than one Ruby or Rails online course at a time, you'll automatically become an alumni and save 25% on the second (and third) Ruby or Rails course. For example, if you add both the Rails Level I and Rails Level II courses to your cart you'll see the alumni discount applied to the second course.

Combo Discount

#3 Academic and Military Discount

If you're an enrolled student, teacher, or military service member, we offer a 15% discount. E-mail us and attach proof of enrollment, academic employment, or military service.

#4 Team Discount

If you have a team of 5 or more who need to get up to speed or advance their skills, we offer the following discounted team licenses:

# of Students Discount
5 - 10 15% off
11 - 20 20% off
21 - 30 25% off
31+ contact us

E-mail us the number of students you'd like to enroll and we'll set up a special coupon code for your team. You don't have to purchase all the copies at once; you can spread out the purchases over 6 months.

For some teams, it may be helpful to have a daily plan or goal for progressing through the course. To make that easy, your team can download either our Ruby plan or Rails plan and use it to lock in a routine of 1 hour per day of learning and deliberate practice. Print it off if you want, use your favorite-colored Sharpie to cross off the days, and before you know it, you'll have a team of proficient developers!

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“These courses are far and away the best value-for-money Rails courses out there.” — Jonathan Mundy

“Well worth the money and the best curriculum I've seen yet for learning Ruby.” — Martin Graham

“This course was fantastic and priced right. Worth every penny!” — Alex Perucchini

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