Purchasing Power Parity

If you live in a country where our courses are very expensive to purchase, we're happy to give you a discount. To receive a discount code, send us an e-mail with the name of the course(s) you'd like to purchase and the country where you live, along with a suggested reasonable price for you in your country.

Academic, Military, and Non-Profits

We offer a 15% discount to enrolled students, teachers, military service members and veterans, and non-profits. To receive the discount code, e-mail us and attach proof of enrollment, academic employment, military service, or non-profit status.


Have a team of 10 or more? Send us an e-mail with the number of developers you'd like to sign up for a course and we'll create a special coupon code for your team. You don't have to purchase all the copies at once—you can spread out the purchases over 6 months.