“Thanks to everything I learned with you, I am about to land a new job in which I will be programming in Ruby on Rails. Thank you very much for that!” Miriam Tocino
I just got a job as a full-time Rails Developer where they're paying me! I never could have done this without the Pragmatic Studio, and the guidance from all of your courses. Thank you so much!” Kacy Hulme
Last week I accepted a position as a Rails developer at Bugcrowd in San Francisco. Money isn't everything, but more than tripling my wages after folding T-shirts and busing tables is quite a game changer. (I have insurance now, too!) I went through a lot of courses preparing to be a Rails developer, but the vast majority of what I learned and especially retained came from your online courses. I can't say enough good things about each and recommend them for anyone wanting to switch careers. Andrew Ford
“The Rails I and II courses have been so incredibly helpful! I've learned a lot. The videos on every topic were information packed with wonderful details. I was super pleased with the in-depth explanations and illustrations for model relationships, particularly many-to-many. I knew the Rails II course would be as great as the first, and I was not disappointed. In fact, it's better than I expected! I'm so grateful I have continued access to it.” Dana Nourie
“These 2 courses are far and away the best value-for-money Rails courses out there. If I could pick only one beginner and one advanced Rails resource to learn from, it would be your courses. There's just so much cool stuff here that's elegantly explained. For example, explaining complicated topics like many-to-many associations from a few different view points was a great idea. I know after completing your Rails I and II courses that I can build pretty much whatever I want in Rails. Jonathan Mundy
“This course along with your Ruby Programming and Rails I course offers the best introduction to learning Rails for a beginning developer. I cannot think of any book or video series that does as good a job.” Eric Ricketts
“For the visual thinkers out there, all the diagrams in your courses are total awesome-sauce! Pol Murchu Stafford
“I've taken quite a few Rails courses and I've read quite a few books on Ruby/Rails. Many of them confuse with you with extra details and digress too often to be comprehensible. In contrast, in this course the entire process of building an app is presented in a step-wise and fulfilling way. I love how everything is coherently explained. I love the extra tidbits and challenges in the exercises. The best part of this course is its value. I took this course 2 years ago and I can't believe how much I learned the second time around, especially doing the extra exercises I skipped previously. These instructors have made tremendous efforts to teach a skill properly and have gone the extra mile to ensure you leave more confident in your craft. Bottomline: stop going through random books and videos. Mike and Nicole's courses will save you time and frustration in the long run and they are well worth 10 times the price.” Jay Leung
“I now have so much more confidence to finally start building these app ideas that have been hibernating in my head. Thanks so much!” Bill Tran
“I love the way you present a snippet of code that is less than optimal. My inner alarms start going off when the code examples are first presented, but then you start addressing those problems and more optimal solutions. This is so helpful in developing the intuition needed to identify these issues and apply the most optimal solution based on the requirements.” Justin Kurtz
“By far this has been the best Rails course I have ever taken! Some concepts that were once fuzzy to me are now very clear.” Emmanuel Asante
This is the best Rails training hands-down! I've worked through several Rails courses and they don't even come close to explaining things as well as you do. You have the perfect balance of teaching the right amount of information such that I understood each new piece without any confusion. I've always felt like Rails has too much of a learning curve, but you've communicated its elegance and flexibility. If you put out more courses I will certainly come back each time to learn more from you. Again, out of all the resources I've worked through, nobody has come close to connecting with me in the way that you guys have. Bravo!” Thomas Neal
“What other courses make complex, your teaching style makes easy.” Bob Sheth
“Everything is great: the material, the teachers, the simple, concise, yet clear explanations in all the courses. I think these are the best Ruby and Rails online courses for people that want to jump into Rails. All of the courses are worth every penny!” Alfian Losari
“I highly recommend Pragmatic Studio's Rails Programming courses! The exercises allow you to build something more complex than a blog and do so by applying what was learned in the lessons rather than merely following along! This format really drove things home for me. Bart Falzarano
“I've tried almost every Rails learning site out there. While all of those resources taught me how to accomplish certain tasks in Rails, I felt there was a large gap between knowing how to do something vs. understanding what's happening at a deeper level. Your Rails courses bridged the gap for me and for the first time I feel like I'm actually building a solid foundation on which to expand.” Michael Zsigmond
An amazing course! I learned more from this course than any other Ruby on Rails book that I've read.” Sondre Haugen
“The main difference I have found after taking a lot of other Rails courses is that you explain things in greater detail which has helped me understand the 'whys'. David Theroff
I learned a ton in this course that I didn't learn from other sources online. I was immediately able to start putting together an application that has been stuck in my head for a long time.” Wassim Metallaoui
“Because of this course, I am now inspired to get creative and develop Rails apps on my own, even outside of work. In addition, I have learned many things that will make me a better developer professionally and more effective at my job. Thanks!” Amy Hsieh
“I've finished both Ruby on Rails courses... awesome experience. I recommend it!!” Agustin Perez
“I've taken other Rails tutorials but yours really filled in the gaps in my understandings. I can now truly say that I've taken a big step towards developing with Rails.” John Weir
“I'm pretty pumped with all the stuff I've learnt. After completing this and the previous Rails course, I'm pretty sure I now have everything I need to develop almost anything thrown my way. Thanks for such a well thought out course!” Matthew Edwards
“Until I learned the basics of Devise in your course it was quite confusing to use, but now I'm in much better shape to use this gem in my upcoming projects.” Nikolaus Rumm
“The fantastic diagrams, the outstanding explanations, and the exercises helped me fully understand the subject. This course also filled some holes in my lambda experience, and that was a HUGE 'so-that's-what-it-does!' moment. Thanks!” Adi Davidovich
“I feel like after completing this I can now comfortably call myself a Rails Developer. Christopher Wavrin
“Your approach to Rails has helped me break through the dynamic language barrier and better understand both the language and the framework. Every subject was carefully designed to be useful in the real world. I have already re-factored a big chunk of my existing Rails apps in production to apply what I learned and I have a ton of ideas now for adding new features and content.” Wayne Hiner
“Thanks to the Pragmatic Studio courses, I was able to understand Rails much better and easier than I thought it would be. It was super fun and easy to follow!” Felipe Laso-Marsetti
“I really liked the thorough explanations and learning WHY things work. I think that's missing in a lot of Rails tutorials out there. I feel grateful to have come across these courses since I was really spinning my wheels before, and now I feel like I can actually build something!” Krista Fuentes
Your training is absolutely the best I’ve seen anywhere on the web! I think the way you are teaching is absolutely perfect. You are friendly and your videos always give a smile to my face. I’m really enjoying them.” Tuomas Martikainen
“I think we've all wasted time on silly tutorials and websites that promised quick and easy results but left us more confused than when we started. The awesome thing about this course is that there's never that 'missing link' moment where you just think 'ok, they just skipped over something huge and now I don't understand what's happening'. The other huge benefit of this course is that you can come back to it as a resource. I would MUCH rather pay up front then spend money every month on a subscription. I'm confident that one day when I'm a very successful developer, I will look back to this series as 'the moment' that made it happen for me. Hunter Stewart
“Your videos are excellent! Each video and exercise continuously builds on previous concepts. This leads to many "a-ha!" moments where multiple light bulbs go off simultaneously as things begin to make sense and coalesce! Never once did I feel lost or that I missed something. Thank you again for a fantastic learning experience and I can't wait to dive into the next course!” Carlo Costino
“I recently said to a client that having each member of the small group take the Ruby Programming and two Ruby on Rails courses from The Pragmatic Studio would be significantly cheaper as well as (and primarily) a significantly richer learning experience than I could offer in a shorter, in-person workshop setting... they get my A+ thumbs up seal of approval.” Julie Meloni