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Multi-Player Bingo

a design and code exploration of an Elixir + Phoenix + Elm app

What does it take to put together an application with:

  • the concurrency and fault-tolerance of Elixir/OTP,
  • the real-time communication of Phoenix channels, and
  • the friendly reliability of Elm on the front-end?

And how would you design it in a pragmatic, straightforward way?

Find out as we unpack an app together! Through a series of videos we'll explore a full-featured application layer by layer to answer these questions and more.

Real-Time, Multi-Player Bingo The web application we explore lets you compete at buzzword bingo with several players in real time. Why this app?

Because meetings without buzzwords (or friends) are humdrum.

Web apps without Phoenix Channels and Presence are ho-hum.

And because we hope that seeing how this Elixir + Phoenix + Elm app is built will inspire you to be gung-ho about building your own apps! 🚀

Built with Phoenix 1.3, Elixir 1.6, and Elm 0.18

Unpacking an Elixir + Phoenix + Elm App, Layer By Layer The "application" is really three distinct applications working in concert through well-defined public APIs:

  • The game server is a standalone Elixir OTP application.
  • Layered on top of that, a Phoenix application provides a web interface to the game server.
  • Finally, the game web client is an Elm application that communicates with a game server process via a Phoenix channel.

It's a fairly substantial app, so there's plenty here to unpack!

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For Experienced Developers

We assume you're already familiar with Elixir, Phoenix, and Elm and now you want to apply that knowledge in a broader context. This isn't an introductory course focused on syntax, vocabulary, and basic concepts. Rather, we take things up a notch to focus on design, integration, and advanced features.

If you're new to Elixir or Elm, we recommend starting with our popular introductory courses where you'll learn all the fundamentals by building an application from the ground up:

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From Mike & Nicole

Let's do something different! You're likely familiar with our single-topic, step-by-step courses on Ruby, Rails, Elm, and Elixir. But what happens when you smash (pragmatically, of course) different languages, technologies, and frameworks together? Well, you can create some very cool applications! We're excited to unpack these kinds of applications with you in the Studio. Find out more about us…

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