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Tony Barone
“The course is outstanding! The best I've ever taken. Rails is so much less mysterious now that I'm learning Ruby the right way.” Tony Barone
Ben Sharman
“The structure and content are exactly what I need after bumbling about on my own for months getting to know Rails.” Ben Sharman
Jonathan Mundy
“I initially thought "good idea" when you said this wasn't going to be a code along. I was wrong - it's a fabulous idea! Every other good tutorial I've used could have been so much better if they had a parallel project to test students on. It helps to drive out the gaps in my knowledge much quicker than a code along tutorial.” Jonathan Mundy
Adam Weis
“Thank you for putting this course together! My day job as a front-end developer doesn't really allow me to do too much work in this area. When I first started this Ruby course, I looked at the topics list and was a bit overwhelmed, but you did an excellent job of making each step fun and clearly explaining the concepts. I feel as though I'm actually LEARNING Ruby. Adam Weis
Rahul Trikha
“I am familiar with the Ruby language. The main road block with learning Ruby, or any other language for that reason, is that most of the books available are just collections of language construct whereas this course teaches all the important concepts via an example application which I really like.” Rahul Trikha
De Wet Blomerus
“I like that as a beginner you have me coding on my machine and not online because when the course ends, my whole environment is already set up and ready to go for coding my own stuff.” De Wet Blomerus
Edmund Sumbar
“Congratulations on a superb course! The production quality of the videos was excellent, giving the course a professional feel. The difficulty level of the exercises was just right.” Edmund Sumbar
Joe Arsenault
“Excellent job presenting the material! I like the separate projects for demonstration and practice. The videos are top quality and the workbook is excellent as well. I love the hidden hints and solutions.” Joe Arsenault
“I've learned more from your Ruby course than any other course or tutorial I've taken on Ruby.” Andrew Fowler
You blew away all my expectations! Epic awesomeness! I'm blown away at what I both understand and can do with Ruby in such a short amount of time! The course was perfectly focused and executed.” Alex Pitu
“I tried ALL the other schools and tutorials and they all gave me enough info to be totally confused. I learned so much in your course! I will probably study Ruby for life now that I have a good grasp of the fundamentals. Your course is worth its weight in gold! Karl Neumann
“This is the best online training I have done, and I've done plenty. The quality of video and audio is excellent, the length is perfect to hold my attention span, and the workbook exercises are addictive. My motivation stays high as I tick through the chapters. Thank you for creating these. They have already given me more confidence in my coding skills.” Carlos Interone
This is the best self-paced programming coding course! I struggled with Ruby despite having taken two coding bootcamps, but I found this course to be the right level of knowledge acquisition, reinforcement, and skill-building exercises. It wasn't a monkey see and monkey do approach. I wish I had this course several years ago.” Zaki Mohammad
“For the first time since I started learning Ruby I feel like it all makes sense. I have been working with Rails for a while without truly understanding Ruby. Well not anymore! I now have the confidence to tackle technical challenges and build awesome web applications. Thank you for taking me there!” David Becerra
“I feel much more comfortable with Ruby now than any other language I've worked with.” Morgane Santos
“Our company unexpectedly closed its doors last week, so in one fell swoop 400 of us were all out of work: one day's notice and no severance packages. And of all those folks, 4 of us immediately got jobs, simply because we know Ruby. We were on the team that used your course to learn Ruby earlier this year. So now I'm trying to figure out how to say THANKS loud enough that you can hear me from wherever you are!” Stephen Creighton
“I've tried a whole bunch of ways to get up to speed with Ruby over the last few weeks (you name it, I've tried it!) and I'm enjoying your course the most! Good balance of theory and practical implementation, and I really love the way you have presented it.” Tim Aikin
“Whereas sitting down and reading a Ruby book would have taken me several weeks, this course allowed me to quickly get up to speed on Ruby in only a week. I really appreciated the way you would present a topic, step through the development process, and then go back and refactor code at the end of each section. I feel confident that I can start creating my own Ruby programs and/or contributing to existing ones. Matt Fabish
“The online Ruby course is simply fantastic. Well worth the money and the best curriculum I've seen yet for learning Ruby.” Martin Graham
“I enjoyed the structured approach to Ruby from the ground-up. Excellent pace. Wonderful animations and conceptual diagrams. I wish I had done this course BEFORE starting Ruby on Rails development. Loved it!” Dr. Ed Wallitt
“The videos are engaging and very informative, and the hands-on exercises really help me to commit the concepts and the syntax to memory. The course helped solidify my understanding of the Ruby language, which I've been using at work in a Rails app, and which I've been learning in bits and pieces that are hard to retain. Now that I know a bit about the actual Ruby language, all the Rails code makes a lot more sense. I would be happy to pay more than $159 for a class of this quality.” MK
“I was impressed at how much ground was covered and how many of the major Ruby core classes were introduced. It was refreshing to see this all tied into best practice programming concepts. Too often, these best practices are treated as advanced or not-for-beginners. I liked that these concepts were taught alongside the language.” Culley Smith
“Wonderful course! The video explanations were some of the best-paced lessons I've experienced. I've been coding Rails apps and websites for profit, but had learned Ruby as the jobs required. I can now FINALLY say I'm confident I've plugged the holes in my basic Ruby learning.” Tony Semana
“One of the best development learning experiences that I have had. This course was ideal in helping me to understand how Rails works and what a great language Ruby is. I had a bunch of aha! moments where I understood what's really happening when Rails does something.” Wayne Hiner
“The course is fantastic. I always thought I learned well from just reading books and coding on my own, but I learned MUCH more from watching the videos and doing the assignments. The two of you were excellent instructors and a lot of fun. I am now much more confident in my abilities and understanding. C.R. Myers
“Loved the way you prepared and executed the course! Absolutely awesome! I've read many books and gone through many courses and tutorials and your course was by far the best I've experienced to date.” Chris McNabb
“This course has a good mixture of video tutorials, written information, and exercises. It helped cement Ruby concepts in my mind a lot more effectively than other tutorials I've tried. Well worth the money! Clinton De Young
“I'm a long-time PHP guy so I found the Ruby syntax a little jarring at first, but I must admit, I'm now finding the PHP code I'm dealing with on a daily basis a little jarring now. The combination of videos and exercises make this every bit as interactive as an in-person course, but without the added travel and course costs. It's well worth the money and I feel ready to build my first Rails app now. Warren Harrison
This course was freakin' AMAZING! You have outdone yourselves with this type of learning. Great job!” Greg Thoman
“Great job with the Ruby online class! I'd give the video, audio, delivery, content, and exercises all 5 stars! The entire course was spot-on for me. I like the hints and the step-by-step exercises to reinforce the material covered. Initially the exercises were easy (I already knew a bit of Ruby) but got more challenging in the second half of the course. This course was fantastic and priced right. Worth every penny!” Alex Perucchini
I liked the step-by-step approach to teaching different Ruby topics. I get overwhelmed with most programming books, but this course fits the bill. I feel ready to move on to Rails projects of my own.” Quentin Thomas
“I'm really enjoying the course. I'm a UNIX/NAS storage admin and use Ruby here and there along with gawk and bash to do my job. I've always lamented that I wasn't using Ruby to its full potential though because I come from more of a procedural programming background. Your course is helping to fill in the holes I have with Ruby, and it's helping to put me on the path to better programming techniques.” Greg Taylor
“I loved the course! I already had some Ruby/Rails knowledge, but I wanted to better learn and understand the Ruby style and what people call the 'elegant Ruby way.' I definitely got that from this course.” Dr. Dilip Deodhar
“This was a very impressive course. Hats off. I already wrote a few utilities that replaces some old C production code. Can you believe I took 100+ lines of code and created a 10-line Ruby file that did exactly the same thing? Thanks for a great course!” Scooter Schneider
The course has been incredibly helpful. It was entirely thorough. I could work at my own pace, and the answers were right there.” Kacy Hulme
“I have been learning Ruby on my own over the last year or so but this class ties all the bits and pieces together nicely and really clarifies a lot of questions I had and even ones I did not know I had.” Tim McGowen
“Object-oriented programming is finally sinking in. Many thanks for this brilliant course!” Jamie Godwin
“This course connects me with the Programming Ruby book in a way that I previously thought was out of reach. Many of the Ruby concepts that I never really grasped are almost magically understandable with your tutorial! Jim Ross
“If someone I know wants to learn Ruby, I know where to send them. I liked the great exercises, emphasis on writing tests, and the awesome, encouraging instructors.” Scott Henley
“At every turn I was pleasantly surprised by interacting with Pragmatic Studio. What I really love is how you started teaching Ruby from the OO side first instead of throwing a bunch of the language loop structures at me. The course is brilliant and I am really enjoying the natural approach. Gerald Pöttler
“I must say this is the most fun I have had learning a new programming language in quite a long time.” Kelly Loyd
“This is the best Ruby instructional I have found. You guys have ironed out a number of items that I either did not understand or was confused about before, including classes, modules, mixins, hashes, arrays and even test-driven development. Really impressive. Thanks!” Bryant Lippert
“The course is great! I found myself learning the concepts very quickly, much more so than if I were studying with a book. The lectures and accompanying exercises really help the concepts stick.” Tim Pryor
“Your approach to teaching has helped me gain a deeper understanding of concepts that I have been dancing around for months.” Michael Hembrador
Signing up for this course is the best decision I've made when it comes to online training. The hands-on exercises really helped reinforce the ideas and make the concepts easy to grasp.” Ronald Rivera
The quality of the material is beyond comparison to anything I have seen. The examples and live coding together...make it a really enjoyable training. The hands-on exercises were ideal to grasp the concept. What I liked most is that you let general design concepts sneak in very gently.” Mario Deilmann
“Great job with this class! The course really gives good insight into shortcuts and refactoring that you don't always pick up from a book.” Jim McMahon
“Excellent course! The visual aids in the videos were very helpful in understanding the relationships between different program components. The amount of material covered in such a short time and for such a reasonable price is astounding. I won't hesitate to recommend it to anyone with an interest in learning Ruby.” Bradley Melanson
“I loved the course! I had fun going through it. On my day job, I use PHP as my main programming language, and getting to learn Ruby feels like a breath of fresh air.” Toni Grigoriu
“I really loved this style of learning. It beats reading a ton of pages about the differences between Ruby verses Python syntax. I really enjoyed how the course picked up the pace towards the end and had you build upon the earlier sections.” Travis Chase
“I owe a lot to your Ruby course. One of the best investments I've ever made. Tweet by Jeffrey Baird
“I am not sure if Pragmatic Studio guys have a 'PS I love you' sticker floating around but I would definitely put it up… I feel like I'm actually understanding what I'm learning… Mike and Nicole have an excellent way of teaching a complicated language to beginners. Important aspects of the language are explained with simple diagrams that visually deconstruct the point, making it easy for you to understand the concept. I can say in all honesty that if you are a beginner or coding enthusiast looking for your foray in Ruby, this must be your first stop.” Read more from Guruprasad Nagarajan
“Your course is awesome! It really helped me to speed up my Ruby knowledge.” Xavier Fustero
“I recently said to a client that having each member of the team take the Ruby Programming and two Ruby on Rails courses from The Pragmatic Studio would be significantly cheaper as well as (and primarily) a significantly richer learning experience than I could offer in a shorter, in-person workshop setting...they get my A+ thumbs up seal of approval.” Julie Meloni
“I'm an ex-Java, currently Groovy/Grails developer and I was hoping that the video course would be the perfect opportunity to get some quick learning under my belt and I was right. It was entertaining to watch the videos and enjoyable to do the exercises.” David Madouros
“The pairing of clear video instruction with extensive independent exercises was a great way to learn!” Thomas Jantz
“I really have to say you and Nicole have done a great job on the Ruby Programming course. The flow is excellent and as a beginner I have found that the videos do an excellent job explaining concepts and then applying them in a practical way. The code hints are very helpful and I like the fact that you did not live code the same exercises as our assignments. This created a much better experience as it forced my brain to really think about applying what I learned, rather than copying and pasting. It's one of the best courses I have ever taken online!” Michael Heu
“The course structure was very logical and flowed seamlessly. Watching the videos makes everything click. They are clear, to the point and fun too.” Jean-Yves Le Breton
“My background is in creating web applications with PHP, but I have wanted to learn Ruby for a long time. This course gave me a quick way to learn the Ruby way of thinking. I liked very much both the live demonstrations and the amazingly clear slides that illustrated the concepts. The exercises were very good and walked me through each step.” Janet Manry
“This course strengthened my Ruby knowledge and will help me to make my code cleaner and more functional. Carlos Guisao Franco
“I like the design of this course. The topics are practical and the knowledge acquired through this course is transferable to other projects. In addition, the code is accompanied by tests and advice regarding best practices. The lessons have links to helpful resources and the projects are a lot of fun. I really like the fact that, by the end of the course, I had created two projects that I could develop further as my Ruby skills improve. The instructors are inspiring, passionate about programming, and very motivating. I enjoyed this course every step of the way.” Maria Cutumisu
“Some of the best training I have ever gone through. It is very easy to follow, while at the same time it is entertaining and interactive.” Brian Close
“Thanks so much for an excellent course! The instructors are excellent and experts with Ruby. Their passion for programming Ruby comes through clearly. They are enthusiastic about the subject and it is really awesome to learn a subject from people who care about the craft. But this course is about much more than Ruby. It clarified a number of OOP concepts for me. The guidance from Mike and Nicole is priceless!” Steve Hanley
“I just wanted to thank you for producing such an effective learning tool and helping me develop the skills and confidence to get back into programming! This is a great foundation to build on.” Nick Stewart
“I would like to commend you on your attention to detail and the well thought out structure, in particular that the exercises were given the same first-class status as the videos. The videos are well done, but the exercise portion really drives the course forward. Your approach encourages one towards diligence in doing them!” Rolland Bryan
“Hands down the best video training I've encountered.” Bobby Ray
This is a fantastic course! It was almost as if I was taking personal classes form Mike and Nicole with all their attention diverted towards me. The concepts are easily broken down and the exercises are perfect for putting into practice what's been taught.” Prateek Shinde
“I'm having a great time learning Ruby, and it's very assuring to know that the people teaching know their stuff and makes learning that much more enjoyable. Great content, good pace, and just the right amount of hand-holding. Moeed Mohammad