"I am not sure if Pragmatic Studio guys have a 'PS I love you' sticker floating around but I would definitely put it up."

That comment on Guruprasad’s (Guru’s) blog totally made us smile. Back in our early days, we did in fact have stickers!

We used to hand out these bumper stickers at the end of every public Rails courses. The stickers ended up on more laptops than actual bumpers, but by pairing them with our course evaluations as a little incentive for completing the form, we got invaluable feedback from our students.

In the case of Guru, he made up his own suggestion for a sticker and gave us a bunch of feedback! Check out his blog posts to hear more about his experience using our online courses to learn Ruby and Rails:

"I feel like I'm actually understanding what I'm learning." (Read more in Part 1…)
"[Everything] was so simply and beautifully explained… Important aspects of the language are explained with simple diagrams that visually deconstruct the point, making it easy for you to understand the concept." (Part 2)
"I'm on their Blocks and Iterators course, which again deconstructs the topic beautifully with interactive, engaging diagrams/animation drawings." (Part 3)

There appears to be no end to Guru’s creativity. He also expressed his thoughts in a bit of code in one of his course evaluations:

"I loved the whole layout of the course. While others may teach you to do one example, here we get to code three apps. I've taken quite a few courses online but this is by far the best!
` loop do
  puts "I love Pragmatic Studio's Ruby course"
end `

Thanks @nagguru, we are feeling especially loved today!

P.S. Any alumni out there who still have this sticker on their laptop? Tweet us a photo @pragmaticstudio!