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Integrating Elm

A free video course to help you integrate (sneak!) Elm into existing web apps

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"How do I introduce Elm into my application?"

We get asked that question all the time! And who could blame new Elm developers for asking. Once they discover how delightful it is to program in Elm, they're eager to use it in earnest.

But not everyone has the luxury of working on a greenfield Elm project. And a big rewrite is impractical and loaded with risk. So here's a crazy (dare we say, pragmatic) idea: you incrementally and strategically convert a small part of your app to Elm.

Learn how in this free course!

4 Practical Examples

In this short video course we walk through several practical ways to slip Elm into an existing application. Please feel free to use these same techniques on your own project! You get all the source code, too.

  • Embed Elm Anywhere (4:49) Elm can be set up to render within any element of a page, so you can sprinkle in Elm to taste. It's a practical way to convert small sections of your app. Sneaky!
  • Subscribe to External Events (13:43) Using an Elm subscription, your embedded code can listen for external events and react accordingly. Just because it's embedded doesn't mean it's cut off from the world.
  • Listen to WebSocket Messages (6:22) Got a backend websocket server? We'll hook up embedded Elm code to react to websocket messages. Real-time sports scores, anyone?
  • Interop with JavaScript Elm can communicate with any JavaScript code, whether it's your own JavaScript or a third-party library. So you can start using Elm without rewriting what you already have.

Nope, it's not complete, but you can get started anyway. We'll incrementally release videos as they're ready!

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Seriously, A Free Course?

Yup, 100% free. There's no catch. We've been teaching Elm online since July 2015, and we've noticed something interesting. Everyone really enjoys Elm once they've given it a try. But they're leery at first because they don't know how Elm will fit in their project. It's wise to be a bit skeptical of new things.

So we created this free course to help address those initial concerns. It's our hope that once you see practical ways that Elm can be integrated into larger apps you'll be inspired to give Elm a spin on your project. For more inspiration, check out this true story of how one developer successfully integrated Elm into his company.

New To Elm?

We're able to create free content in large part because of your support of our paid courses. Speaking of which, if you're new to Elm, our Elm: The Pragmatic Way video course quickly gets you up to speed on building Elm apps from scratch, step-by-step. Use coupon code ELMREADY to save $5!

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Meet Mike & Nicole

Hey, there! Mike here. I love to create stuff and teach what I've learned. Over the past 20 years I've taught and used many languages to develop real applications, but there's a quality to Elm that feels special. I discovered it in late 2014 when looking for something fresh and fun to learn over the holidays. I'm as excited about Elm now as I was back then. Elm is what finally got me into functional programming. It made me a better programmer. And so I naturally can't help but want to share it with you!

Together Nicole and I own and run The Pragmatic Studio. We'd love to have you join us in the Studio for this great course! Learn more about us…

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