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Complete Elixir/OTP Course Launches!

September 27, 2017

Today we released the final 3 modules in our Developing With Elixir/OTP course! If you’ve been waiting for this video series to be complete before buying your copy, your wait is over!

In this course, you’ll see and experience Elixir/OTP development in action. For software developers, learning within this context of building a real application makes a huge difference! By developing a real app with real code, you’ll gain practical experience putting all the pieces together to craft applications the Elixir/OTP way.

The full course includes:

  • 6.5 hours of step-by-step live coding
  • 36 videos - streamable and downloadable
  • 15 animations that break down advanced concepts
  • 56 hands-on exercises with all the solutions

Final Videos Released Today

The app we build throughout this course has multiple server processes that should run continuously without missing a beat. But things don’t always go according to plan! 😳 So we need to monitor the server processes and recover when trouble strikes.

Supervisors to the rescue!

In the final three course modules, discover how to design a supervision tree so apps can elegantly recover from unforeseen failures. As the last step, we’ll explore how to specialize the OTP Application behavior to then start the supervision tree!

#28 Linking Processes

By creating a new “Kickstarter” process and linking it to our web server process, we can monitor our server process and if necessary, kickstart it when trouble strikes.

#29 Fault Recovery with OTP Supervisors

OTP Supervisors offer unparalleled support for detecting and recovering from process failures. By designing and implementing a supervision tree, our application will elegantly recover from unforeseen failures.

#30 Final OTP Application

An Elixir application is a first-class OTP entity… which means what exactly? Good question! We’ll look at how an OTP application works behind the scenes, how to specialize the OTP Application behavior to start our supervision tree, and how to configure the default application environment.

In the end, you have a complete OTP application designed the Elixir way!

A HUGE THANKS to all of you who tweeted about his course, reviewed early drafts, and sent in suggestions! Your feedback and encouragement was instrumental in designing and completing this course.