Rails 5 Ready!

Rails 5 is coming and we’ve got you covered with FREE course updates!

Course Updates

We've made the following updates to both our Rails Level I and Rails Level II courses for the upcoming release of Rails 5:

  • The videos now have callouts where there are (minor) syntax changes.
  • The exercises have been updated with explanations of these changes so you can confidently build your apps using either Rails 4 or 5.
  • All the code in the code bundle has been upgraded to Rails 5.
  • The cheat sheets have been revised to reflect both Rails 4 and 5 syntax.

How Does This Impact Me?

If you’re currently working through the Rails course, simply carry on! Continue with the course using Rails 4 and the code bundle you’ve already downloaded.

If you've already completed the course (or once you complete the course, if you're partway through), check out the "Rails 5 Changes" in the Rails course "Extras" section.

Rails 5 Changes

As it pertains to the topics we teach in our Rails courses, the changes for Rails 5 are fairly inconsequential. Most of what's new in Rails revolves around more advanced features that are outside the scope of our courses. At a high-level, there are three primary changes:

  • All models now inherit from a new `ApplicationRecord` class which in turn inherits from `ActiveRecord::Base`. In cases where you want to configure application-wide model behavior, you can now do so in a single spot.

  • The days of typing `rails` for some commands and `rake` for others are over. Now, wherever you used to type `rake`, you can now type `rails` on the command line instead. For example, `rake db:migrate` is now `rails db:migrate`.

  • The file extension for stylesheets has been shorted from `.css.scss` to `.scss`.

For a complete list and explanation of all the changes, see "Rails 5 Changes" in the course "Extras" section. All the changes are fairly minor and we think you’ll find the transition to be very smooth.

Move Up to Level II

If you've been waiting for Rails 5 before advancing your skills, YOUR WAIT IS OVER! In our Rails Level II course, you'll dive deep into advanced techniques and features using Rails 5 that include:

  • properly managing user accounts

  • securely implementing authentication & session management

  • designing an authorization system that works for your custom needs

  • modeling powerful many-to-many and through associations

  • generating friendly URLs and customized routes

  • implementing tried-and-true practices used by veteran Rails developers for scopes, queries, callbacks, remove code duplication, and more!

There is no better course to help you move beyond the skills of an average Rails developer. And for alumni, this course is just $59!