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Processes Module Added To Elixir/OTP Course

July 26, 2017

Concurrency and parallelism. Fault tolerance and isolation. Spawning and blocking. What does it all mean!? 🤔

Find out in this week’s new module #21 Concurrent, Isolated Processes from our Elixir/OTP course.

At this point in our course, the web server can only handle one request at a time. We need a way to handle multiple requests concurrently and also isolate the failure of one request so it doesn’t affect other requests.

Concurrent, isolated processes are what set Elixir apart from other functional languages! By spawning a process, our web server becomes not only more fault tolerant, but it can handle multiple requests concurrently.

We also look extensively inside the Erlang VM to see how it takes full advantage of multicore computers to achieve remarkable levels of concurrency and parallelism.