The Pragmatic Studio

Phoenix Module Added To Elixir/OTP Course

June 20, 2017

Now’s a great time to jump into our Elixir/OTP course, especially if you’re interested in becoming proficient with Phoenix! If you already own the course, you’ll find a hot new module in your account today: A Peek at Phoenix.

Learning Elixir before Phoenix is a bit like learning a new language before an international trip. In order to hit the ground running, you pick up a language course, learn some common words and phrases, and practice them a bit beforehand. Then when you turn up at your destination, some of the sights and sounds feel familiar and you’re ready to explore with confidence!

That’s precisely one of the goals of this course: to save you time, frustration, and the perils of coding by coincidence in Phoenix by learning all the essentials of developing Elixir apps upfront.

By building a web server in Elixir, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident with Phoenix apps.

Indeed, building even an elementary HTTP web server from scratch with Elixir, as we’ve done in this course, reveals many similarities with an out-of-the-box Phoenix app. Who would have guessed that?! 😉 Dare we say Phoenix now feels less like a foreign and fiery land.