The Pragmatic Studio

Searching Online Course Content

May 19, 2014

In addition to a set of videos, our online courses include a companion workbook. The original intent was that each workbook chapter would be a detailed set of step-by-step exercises that you work on throughout the course. What we didn’t anticipate was that folks would continue to use the workbook after the course, as a reference library of sorts.

Based on this feedback, we recently added a search feature to all the courses. You can now quickly run a search across all the workbook content to find a specific command, code recipe, explanation, or technique you learned during the course. In the case of the Rails course, for example, that means you can easily search through all 26 chapters and 150 pages of the workbook. And because your access to a course never expires, you always have a reference library at your fingertips!

To give it a whirl, simply click on the “Search” link at the top of the workbook.

Enjoy, and thanks for the idea!