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Online Rails Level II Course Now Available

February 27, 2014

Today we’re happy to announce the release of our online Rails Level II course!

This self-paced, online course helps you take your skills up a notch by learning how to design some of the more advanced features common in Rails apps. And it’s based on the latest version of Rails 4, so you’ll learn the most up-to-date techniques. To see what the course is all about, check out the introduction video:

If you’re ready to advance to the next level, this course is for you!

Ruby + Rails + Rails II

Whether you’re looking to get started with Ruby and Rails, or wanting to get back into it after some time away, we’ve got you covered. With these three online courses, you can seamlessly navigate from Ruby novice to Rails practitioner:

The online Ruby course is designed to help folks who are new to Ruby or Rails. If you want to become fluent in Ruby, or use Rails more effectively, then this course is for you.

  • Learn object-oriented programming the Ruby way
  • Design a complete Ruby program, step-by-step
  • Code like the pros using Ruby idioms and design techniques
  • Publish your first Ruby gem!

In the online Rails course you’ll learn all the fundamentals every Rails developer should know and how to put the pieces together, so you can confidently create your first Rails app from idea to deployment.

  • Build a complete Rails 4 web app from scratch
  • Learn key design principles and best practices
  • Understand the “magic” behind Rails
  • Deploy your first Rails app!

In the online Rails Level II course you’ll move beyond the fundamentals of Rails and learn how to design more advanced features.

  • Extend an app to include user and admin accounts
  • Design many-to-many and through associations
  • Customize routes to handle scenarios beyond the basic resource routes
  • Learn tried-and-true practices used by veteran Rails developers

So if you’re just getting started, or want to fill in gaps in your knowledge, you’ll come away from these courses with a solid foundation for building well-designed Rails apps.

Videos + Exercises

Our online courses are a unique mix of video instruction and workbook exercises. We follow a step-by-step, project-driven approach so you see exactly how it’s done and can do it yourself. Access to the courses includes:

  • HD-quality videos with personal instruction, live coding, and animated visuals. Each course is between 4-6 hours, with each video being only 10-20 minutes so you can work through them in small time increments.

  • A comprehensive online workbook with hands-on exercises so you can immediately practice what you learned in the videos, directly on your own computer. Along the way there are discussions on design principles, tips and tricks, recommended resources, and of course all the solutions (with tests!).

  • Two parallel apps so you can apply what you learned in slightly different contexts and challenge yourself in new ways.

  • Access to a support mailing list exclusively for participants of the course. If you have questions or problems at any point during the course, we’re happy to help.

  • Unlimited access to the course so you can rewatch the videos, redo the exercises, and revisit the material as often as you like!

It’s the perfect environment in which to learn at your own pace, when and where it’s convenient for you.

Thanks very much for your continued support. We hope you enjoy these online courses!