The Pragmatic Studio

Job Boards at RailsConf

April 30, 2012

We had a great time at RailsConf in Austin last week! It’s always so good to see alumni and friends, and hear about exciting new projects (more on that later this week).

Two things in particular amazed us at this year’s conference. First, for roughly half of the attendees, this was their first RailsConf. I didn’t figure the percentage would be that high, but it’s a very good sign because the second thing that surprised us was the demand for Ruby and Rails developers remains sky high.

Here’s a picture of just one of the six whiteboards turned job board at the conference. Each one was packed just like this with a rainbow of companies hiring developers. Apparently, we haven’t balanced the Rails supply and demand curves yet, which means we’ll see you all (and some new faces) next year at RailsConf #8 in Portland. But first up is RubyConf, right here in Denver this year, on November 1-3.

We hope to see you there!