The Pragmatic Studio

Developers in Demand

April 06, 2012

If you received a bunch of new friend requests this week, new followers on Twitter, or emails from acquaintances who just wanted to “touch base,” an article in Forbes about “The Rise of Developeronomics” may be the reason. Author Venkatesh Rao claims that whether you’re a butcher, baker, or candlestick-maker, you need a software developer on your side to help your business succeed. And you know what? I think he’s right.

My neighbor, a real-estate agent, needs a developer to help him organize, catalog, and search listings in a “unique” way that’s sure to set his company apart from the competition.

My mom, a researcher and author, needs a developer to help her implement her vision for various projects, digital books, and piles of information waiting to be set free on the ‘net.

My firefighter friend has a bunch of blazing hot (couldn’t help myself) ideas for iOS apps.

And then there’s the assorted mix of companies that call us every week looking for Rails and iOS developers to help them build-out, build-up, or simply begin building a software application.

Rao’s article is a bit long, but early on he tells everyone, “You need to find a way to invest in software developers.” Later on he says, “…the only thing potentially more valuable than a relationship with a great developer is a relationship with a survivalist who is good with things like guns, bunkers and cabins in woods.” So if you’re one or the other, don’t expect your friend requests to slow down anytime soon.

Actually, the best software developers already know this. No need to read this article. They are too busy investing in the software developer they know best—themselves!