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November 29, 2011

This past year our alumni built a ton of great apps, and we’re eager to help even more developers learn how to build outstanding iOS or Rails apps in the new year. We’re also pretty keen to help developers find opportunities where they can show off their new skills. So we have more Studio dates and recent job postings for you below.

Ruby on Rails

January 23-25 in Denver, CO

March 20-22 in Reston, VA

This course is intended for:

  • Web programmers looking to get into Ruby on Rails development. (There are a lot of companies actively hiring Rails talent!)

  • Small programming teams that need to get up to speed quickly on Rails.

  • New team members who are programming Rails for the first time.

iPhone/iPad Programming

January 23-26 in Denver, CO

March 6-9 in Denver, CO

This course is intended for:

  • Experienced programmers who are new to iOS development.

  • New iOS programmers who have started building an app and need help putting all the pieces together.

  • Small programming teams that need to get up to speed quickly on building iOS apps.

You’ll come away from these courses ready to create your first Rails or iOS app, or improve your existing app! Check out the full course description and all the details for the Rails or iPhone Studios.

Plan now to join us in an upcoming Studio, and take your skills up a notch in the new year!