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More Dates for Rails II Training

February 15, 2011

Ready to take your Ruby and Rails skills to the next level? This summer we’re thrilled to offer a follow-up course to our popular introductory Rails Studio.

The 4-day Ruby on Rails II: Real-World Techniques Studio is a unique opportunity to learn the best practices and techniques used by acclaimed Rails experts Dave Thomas and Chad Fowler. If you’ve written a Rails app or two, but you’re bumping into issues as you try to add more "advanced" features you’ve seen in real-world apps, then this is the next course for you. Registration is now open for the next two runs of this course:

  • June 22-25 in Denver, CO
  • July 26-29 in Reston, VA

This course picks up where our introductory Rails course leaves off. Through a series of guided instruction, hands-on exercises, and discussion, you’ll learn:

  • Best practices for designing models
  • Metaprogramming techniques
  • How to address security vulnerabilities
  • What’s important to know about Ruby 1.9.2
  • Effective testing methods
  • When, where, and how to use jQuery
  • Multi-model form design
  • How to optimize for performance and scalability
  • The right libraries for making your coding easier
  • To design APIs that use the REST conventions
  • Approaches to background processing
  • PDF generation inside your app
  • Time-saving techniques and tips

You’ll come away from this course with practical, immediate ways to improve your Rails apps! We hope you’ll join us.

Check out the full course description and all the details.