The Pragmatic Studio

Fall 2010 Studio Schedule

July 27, 2010

We’ve finalized our Fall 2010 Studio schedule so you can pick the date and location that works for you, and make sure you get a seat. It’s an exciting time in Studio land: Rails 3 is abuzz, iOS 4 is on the streets, and Clojure is gaining steam. To offer you the most current and timely developer training around, we’ve updated these courses.

Ruby on Rails

Aug 18-20 in Santa Clara, CA

Sept 22-24 in Reston, VA

Oct 25-27 in Chicago, IL

It’s a great time to learn how to build high-quality web apps, fast! The Rails 3 release candidate was unveiled yesterday, and you’ll want to start taking advantage of all the new features. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve updated this popular introductory course for Rails 3. And, as always, by attending this course you’ll learn directly from two experts. Dave Thomas is the author of Agile Web Development with Rails and Programming Ruby, and Chad Fowler is the author of Rails Recipes and a renowned Ruby and Rails consultant.

You’ll come away from this three-day course with the skills and confidence to build your own Rails apps: from idea to deployment. You’ll not only learn the syntax, you’ll understand how everything goes together to create well-designed Rails apps. If you’re just getting into Rails, or need to bring your team up to speed quickly, this course is for you. Check out the course details and registration for more information and early-bird discounts.

iPhone/iPad Programming

Aug 17-20 in Santa Clara, CA

Oct 25-28 in Chicago, IL

It’s also a great time to learn how to build mobile apps! Apple recently released iOS 4 which includes many new features, APIs, and even a few changes to the Objective-C language. To help you stay on top of your game, we’ve updated this course for iPhone SDK 4. In this four-day introductory course you’ll learn how to create full-featured iPhone/iPad apps like the pros. Matt Drance helped shape the APIs in the iPhone SDK as Apple’s Application Frameworks Evangelist and is now a highly-regarded independent iPhone developer. Daniel Steinberg is the author of Cocoa Programming and iPad Programming.

You’ll come away from this course ready to create your first iPhone app, or improve your existing app. You’ll know how to effectively use Xcode, Interface Builder, Objective-C, and the Cocoa Touch libraries to turn your idea into an app running on your iPhone/iPad. If you’re a programmer new to iPhone development, or you’ve started building an iPhone app and need help putting all the pieces together, this course is for you. Check out the course details and registration for more information and early-bird discounts.

Clojure Programming

Sept 13-15 in Reston, VA

Ready to expand your programmer toolbox and get a jumpstart on what may be the future of programming? Clojure is a dynamic programming language with the elegance of a good scripting language and the concurrent power of the Java Virtual Machine. Learn to program Clojure directly from Rich Hickey, the creator of the language, and Stuart Halloway, author of Programming Clojure, in this three-day programming course. This is a rare opportunity to truly learn the background of Clojure and how to use it the way the creator intended.

You’ve heard about functional programming. This is your chance to really get into it and learn directly from the experts. You’ll come away from this course with a new perspective on programming and a deep understanding of both the why and how of Clojure. Check out the course details and registration for more information and early-bird discounts.

So that’s the public course lineup for this fall! We hope it helps you plan your upcoming training schedule. Space is limited, so pick the dates and locations that work best for you, and reserve your seat early. In addition to our public courses, you might consider scheduling an on-site course if you have a team of eight or more developers.

Thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you this fall!