The Pragmatic Studio

Upcoming iPhone, Rails, and Clojure Studios

May 04, 2010

Registration is now open for the next round of Rails, iPhone, and Clojure Studios. These Studios tend to sell out fairly quickly (the May courses are full), so make plans to join us soon and take advantage of the early-bird discounts.

iPhone Studio

July 20-23 in Reston, VA

The iPhone Studio is a 4-day, hands-on training course where you’ll learn how to create full-featured iPhone apps from two renowned iPhone experts: Matt Drance and Daniel Steinberg. You’ll come away from this Studio knowing Xcode, Interface Builder, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch programming, and the APIs included in the latest iPhone SDK. You’ll be ready to create your first iPhone app, or improve your existing app. Attending this course will also give you a jump start on programming the iPad. If you’re new to iPhone development, or you’ve started building an iPhone app and need help putting all the pieces together, this course is for you.

Ruby on Rails

July 28-30 in Reston, VA

The Ruby on Rails Studio is a 3-day, hands-on training course where you’ll learn how to quickly build high-quality web applications from Dave Thomas and Chad Fowler. You’ll learn all the major features of the latest version of Rails, and how to put them together to build dynamic web applications like the pros. You’ll come away from this Studio with the confidence and skills to build your own Rails applications: from idea to deployment. If you’re just getting into Rails, or need to get your team up to speed quickly, this course is for you.

Clojure Studio

September 13-15 in Reston, VA

The Clojure Studio is a 3-day, hands-on course where you’ll learn to program Clojure with Rich Hickey, the creator of the language, and Stuart Halloway, author of the popular book Programming Clojure. Clojure is a dynamic programming language with the elegance of a good scripting language, and the concurrent power of the Java Virtual Machine. You’ve heard about functional programming. This is your chance to really get into it and learn directly from the experts.

If you have a team of 5 or more, you might consider scheduling an on-site course.

Thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you this summer!