The Pragmatic Studio

New Pragmatic Studio Job Board

April 02, 2010

We often get inquiries from projects looking to hire developers with experience in Ruby, Rails, iPhone, Clojure, Erlang, and other topics we teach. And folks who attend our courses are often looking to put their newfound skills and experience to work on full-time and freelance projects. To help connect them, we’ve created the new Pragmatic Studio Job Board.

Our job board is free for anyone to use. We simply want to help alumni of our courses connect with good opportunities. Quality of postings is more important to us than quantity. We review each post before approving it to make sure it’s relevant to our audience and of the quality they expect.

Whether you’re looking to engage top talent on your project, or hunting for full-time or freelance work, we hope you’ll check out the new Pragmatic Studio Job Board!