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TDD with Rails Studio in Scotland

February 10, 2010

The Test-Driven Development with Rails Studio is headed to Edinburgh, Scotland! It’s a beautiful city with a lot of history. Over the years it has also turned into somewhat of a mecca for Rails developers in Europe. (We’re told it has something to do with the beer.) They’ll be meeting up for the annual Scottish Ruby Conference on March 26-27 and we’ve worked together to offer the TDD Studio before the conference on March 22-24. That way you can get some hands-on training to prepare for the conference, and have a day to enjoy Edinburgh in between.

You’ve no doubt heard a lot of talk about test-driven development. And judging by the talk, it seems as though everyone is doing TDD. You may have even tried it yourself hoping to get immediate results. After all, the pitch is that by practicing TDD you’ll end up writing better code. The reality is getting started is often the hardest part. Many folks become overwhelmed by the choice of testing tools and give up straight away. Others press on but struggle with how to continue doing TDD for all but the simplest problems or when deadlines loom. If any of that rings a bell, you’re certainly not alone.

The TDD Studio is a hands-on workshop designed to help you quickly get started with TDD and equip you with the skills to make it stick. You’ll learn TDD by actually doing it through a series of exercises guided by two experienced mentors: Jim Weirich and Joe O’Brien. They’ll introduce you to some new tools, but the tools only get you so far. The long-term value is learning the fundamental practices and techniques of TDD. With that foundation, you’ll be able to choose the tools that work best for you. You’ll come away from this course with a programming discipline you can apply to your current project, and continue using throughout your career.

Early registration ends February 28, so sign up today and save some money!

We (Mike and Nicole) fell in love with Edinburgh a few years ago while on vacation. We hope to return soon, but unfortunately when we looked at the schedule it was clear that we couldn’t put on this Studio. Thankfully, the good folks at EdgeCase UK stepped up and will be running this Studio. We’ve worked with them to ensure you get the same high-quality training experience you’ve come to expect from us. Have fun!