The Pragmatic Studio

Announcing the Mastering Ruby and Rails Studio

October 12, 2009

When we announced the Rails Studio was coming to Long Beach in December, a number of you in the area let us know that you’d prefer an advanced course. Well, we were paying attention! The only problem was we didn’t know which advanced course you wanted: Ruby or Rails?

So Dave and Chad had the brilliant idea of offering both, in a 4-day course we’re calling Mastering Ruby and Rails. You’ll get the best of their Advanced Ruby and Advanced Rails courses in a single Studio, with a fun new twist: you’ll work in teams.

Rather than simply picking disparate topics from each course, the guys have designed this Studio around the creation of a sophisticated Rails application. They’ll weave relevant topics into the project lifecycle and in the labs you’ll work in teams to build this application. Along the way, you’ll bump into design and coding challenges that typically cause Rails applications to grow in complexity, and you’ll find yourself asking "What’s a good way to solve this problem?" But now you won’t be alone. We’ll all discuss the issues and explore solutions together.

Registration is now open! We’ll be holding this course in lieu of the Rails course we previously announced. Save $300 by registering before October 24th.

We hope you’ll join us in Long Beach!