The Pragmatic Studio

Announcing the Clojure Studio

October 07, 2009

Today we’re excited to announce an upcoming Clojure Studio taught by Rich Hickey, the creator of the language, and Stuart Halloway, author of the popular book Programming Clojure. This three-day course is a great way to learn functional programming in a language designed for everyday use… and learn from the best!

Why Clojure? Well, it’s always good for programmers to get out of the box and learn new languages. The state of the art is constantly changing, and we want to help you stay on top of your game. Clojure has some compelling features, and it’s gaining mindshare among top programmers. You’ve heard about functional programming. This is your chance to really get into it and learn directly from the experts. You just might end up adopting Clojure as your general-purpose language of choice.

We’re planning to offer this as a public course in early 2010 in Reston, VA. We’re announcing it early so you can start making plans to attend. Check out the outline for some of the topics you’ll learn and more details. </p>

If you’re keen on attending, we’d really appreciate it if you’d get on the notify list. That’ll help us gauge interest, and by leaving your email we’ll let you know as soon as registration opens!