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Next Advanced Ruby Studio

June 23, 2009

Registration is now open for our next Advanced Ruby Studio on October 19-21, 2009 in Denver, CO.

Learn to master the Ruby programming language in this 3-day training course with both Dave Thomas and Chad Fowler.

You’ll come away from this Studio feeling like a Ruby Master. You’ll have moved beyond the basic toolbox of the average Ruby and Rails developer: you’ll be able to exploit the libraries and constructs the true pros use to make their code powerful, compact, and fun to work with. You’ll also learn what’s new in Ruby 1.9, and how to make the most of it.

Make plans to join us and save $300 by taking advantage of early registration through August 19th.

P.S. Only two seats remain for our Advanced Ruby Studio next month on July 15 -17 in Reston, VA so register today!