The Pragmatic Studio

Announcing the Cocoa Studio

September 04, 2008

One of the perks of running a training outfit is we get to pick the topics that we want to learn better and the instructors we’d want to teach me. (Ok, the abundant snacks are perks too, but everybody gets those.) Why Cocoa? Well, it’s a lot of fun to learn. And Mac OS X applications are cool. Oh, and you need to know Cocoa and the Mac development tool chain to create iPhone applications. Need we say more? :-)

Seriously, building GUI applications with Cocoa is a lot of fun. And you absolutely must know Objective-C and Cocoa to build iPhone applications. But there’s a fairly steep learning curve to the platform. You’re up against a new language, a new set of libraries, a new IDE, and perhaps even a new development style. Heck, we’ve been fiddling around with Xcode and Interface Builder for years, and we must admit that we still don’t fully “get it”. What would really seal the deal is to spend a few days with a couple experts and have them show me how they build Mac applications. And that kind of interaction is exactly what a Studio is all about!

So we’re excited to announce our new Cocoa Studio in Denver, CO on October 28-30. we believe this three-day course is the best way to get a jump start on building GUI applications on the Mac (or the iPhone). You better believe we’ll be a student in this one. Check out the outline and sweet venue for more details.

Who’s teaching it? We couldn’t be happier with the instructors we landed. You’ll learn directly from two seasoned Cocoa developers and authors. Daniel Steinberg and Bill Dudney really know their stuff, and they’re excited to help you become a Mac OS X developer. They both have programming backgrounds in Objective-C and Cocoa, a few books and screencasts underway, and even a couple commercial applications. Equally important, they’re experienced teachers and trainers with great personalities. I’m really looking forward to seeing them in action as co-teachers.

So if you’re planning to build GUI applications on the Mac (or the iPhone), this Studio is for you. Register by September 28th to reserve your seat and save $300. And if you’ve attended any of our other courses, you’ll save another $300 on top of that. Either way, it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

We hope to see you there!