The Pragmatic Studio

Rails Studio in Pasadena, CA

December 29, 2005

We’re sold out in Denver, but here’s the good news: you can already sign up for the next Pragmatic Studio: Ruby on Rails. And you won’t have to wait long because it’s only a week after our Denver stop. </p>

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ll be in Pasadena, CA on January 26-28. Why Pasadena? Well, many of you have asked us to come that way and, after making stops on the East Coast and the Continental Divide, we were planning to keep on rolling West. And at about the same time, the good folks at EarthLink kindly offered their facility for us to hold a Pragmatic Studio. It’s a really nice gesture for the local community and they get to reserve a few seats for their developers. That made the decision of where to go next even easier. :-)

We hope you’ll join us!