The Pragmatic Studio

Rails Studio Makes Its First Stop

November 21, 2005

Many thanks to everyone who helped make our first Pragmatic Studio: Ruby on Rails a success! The great folks at FGM gave us an ideal setting for a studio atmosphere, and eager attendees came from near and far to build their first Rails app. To get a feel for the fun environment, check out the pictures on Flickr.

One of the cool things that has emerged out of spending three intense days together is the sense of community. On the surface everyone who shared in the experience is probably sporting their Golden Spike Member t-shirts and "I’d Rather Be On Rails" bumper stickers today, but it runs deeper.

Before we even met face to face, folks were getting to know each other on our mailing list as they prepared for the course: installing Rails, debating technology trends, and making dinner plans. Now that they’re alumni, folks are using the mailing list to help each other out as they apply what they’ve learned toward building Rails apps.

So even after the course is over, we have an on-going Rails support group. We know of several projects already underway, and we’re excited to see what else this group will come up with.

These golden spike members also helped us by giving us a tremendous amount of feedback that is sure to make the next studio even better. Speaking of which, we hope to announce the next Rails studio soon. We hope you’ll consider coming aboard…