Free screencasts on practical tips and tricks related to topics we teach in our Pragmatic Studio training courses. Each screencast is short and focused on one technique so you can quickly move on and apply it to your application. Some of these techniques are taught in depth during a course, and others are simply bonus material you can enjoy before or after a Studio.
Aug 26, 2011


Redcar is a clean and intuitive open-source editor written in Ruby. It has everything you need when you're starting to learn Rails, for example, without all the complexity of an IDE. And it's cross-platform, so you can enjoy a smooth ride on any platform. This video shows you how to install Redcar and use it to navigate around a Rails project.
Tags: ruby rails
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May 03, 2012

RubyMotion Primer

RubyMotion is an exciting new toolchain that lets you create fast, native iOS apps using the Ruby programming language. This screencast shows you how to create a basic iOS app using RubyMotion. The app is based on an example used in our iOS course.
Tags: ruby ios
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