“I've been using Ruby for a few years and bumped into blocks but I was never really getting them. Your course helped me finally wrap my head around them! Now I'm off to refactor some of my code!” Hans verschooten
I loved the real-life examples, rather than contrived code, in this course. These examples made it easy to relate the techniques to my own code.” Steve Willis
“I really thought I had a good grasp on Ruby blocks, but I was mistaken. Thanks for taking the time to dig into blocks and iterators at this level of detail and thus saving me the time of exploring and uncovering these techniques and patterns on my own. I am NOW quite confident about my understanding of blocks, and mastery over them. I suddenly feel newly empowered! Thom Parkin
“I never had the time to sit down and understand Ruby blocks, despite seeing them used frequently in Rails apps. This course taught me a number of great techniques, utilizing both iterators and blocks, that I probably wouldn't have learned on my own. Even more valuable are the use cases, which set the course apart from many other programs that teach the how, but not the why. Finally, the examples and code animations do a great job explaining how things work at a pace that's easier to process.” Randy Burgess
“This class really helped me understand yield. For a long time yield was kind of mysterious and scary, but now that I've worked through lots of examples and seen how it (and its related blocks) exists in the wild, I have a much better understanding and can confidently implement blocks using yield. Also, the Execute Around pattern you teach is magnificent, and since finishing the class I'm writing methods with fresh eyes!” Dan Wagner
This course, as well as all the other Pragmatic Studio courses, approaches perfection! The tone is pleasant, the explanations are clear, the exercises are interesting, and the course is ideal for practicing and learning.” Bruno Dusausoy
“I highly recommend this for anyone, not just those who want to learn Ruby, but also to those who want to learn good software design in general. Elliot Kleiman
“I really liked the step-by-step explanations about how blocks work and how the internal methods are implemented. Also, super explanatory animations! Haris Dimitriou
“I got my first dev job mostly because of a lot of hard work paired with Mike and Nicole's Ruby and Rails courses. I'm getting close to 8 months in as a full-time programmer and this course was perfect for me. I can't wait to go back and use these design patterns to refactor the code I've produced! Y'all are a real 'gem' in the Ruby community.” Hunter Stewart
“I'd read about Ruby blocks before, but nothing really clicked until I worked through this course. Thanks for a great course!” Tom Belunis
“Thank you for putting together another awesome course! I have tried following along with books, but feel that I have gotten much more out of the videos and exercises in your courses. Being able to code along with the videos and then apply what I learned to the exercises helped me a lot!” Curtis Browning
The real-world examples in this course really demonstrated each concept and helped me cement the ideas you presented. I've watched other Ruby and Rails videos and I think your lesson structures and attention to detail makes your courses some of the best on the Internet. Thank you!” Clinton De Young
The use cases gave me ideas on how to refactor the code in my own Ruby program. The Execute Around use case paradigm has significantly cleaned up my code already.” Kevin Allen
“This course was really enlightening for me! It showed me new ways of thinking and approaching problems. I'd seen these patterns in Ruby code quite a bit but never really understood exactly what was happening. This course pulled back the curtain and helped me see how things work. I can already think of areas where I can apply these concepts to my own projects. Thanks!” Tom Harrison
What an awesome course! I've taken your Ruby and Rails courses and I've been writing Rails apps for a few years now, so I came to the course thinking that I had a pretty good grasp of blocks. I hoped to simply learn some subtleties and details that I had missed. By the end of the course, I had a completely new and better understanding of blocks and iterators and more importantly, how I could make my code better. You guys are natural teachers, so watching the videos is as fun as doing the exercises. You've helped me to be a better coder! I can't wait until the next course!” Wayne Hiner
“[The course] deconstructs the topic beautifully with interactive, engaging diagrams/animation drawings.” Guruprasad Nagarajan (read more)
“It's easy to get accustomed to this beautiful language of Ruby but getting a peek at the innards really solidifies my understanding of it. This course has given me the confidence to go below the surface because it isn't always as scary as it seems. Understanding Ruby blocks and iterators were a big part of that, so thank you so much for developing this course.” Jay Loung
“This is my fourth Pragmatic Studio online course and I've loved all of them. My Ruby and Rails skills are clearly more honed and I am feeling ready to tackle whatever projects come my way. I am very much looking forward to future courses when they are available. They are worth every penny and well worth the time spent.” Bob Fried
“I liked the hands-on style, the spiral-learning approach, and the real-world application. More than anything, the use cases at the end helped reinforce the concepts from the first part of the course and were very helpful in understanding good, eloquent, expressive design in Ruby code. I loved it!.” Ryan Benedetti
“The demystification of what actually happens behind the scenes when you use blocks in Ruby has been more than invaluable to me! In particular, the videos and exercises centered around the use cases has completely opened my mind to better solutions to common problems and ways I could improve the Rails app I am currently working on.” Carlo Costino
“I've played around with Ruby for many years now but never took the time to properly understand blocks and iterators the way I should have. This was a very accessible course that I found quite enjoyable. I can apply much of what I've learned to my current Ruby projects.” Sam Marten