“The iPhone Programming Studio is simply awesome and I believe the best way to get you started with iPhone development. The trainers go through so many details and show you every aspect of the SDK and over the 4 days of the Studio you write tons of really cool iPhone apps and you come out of the training as an iPhone developer. Can't beat that!”

Daniel Wanja

“This is by far the best training I've had! The instructors are not only very knowledgeable but communicate the content really well.”

Ashish Pande

“The instructors were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They made the material easy to understand. Definitely the best training class I've taken!”

Helen Chung

“I learned so much more in 4 days than I had in 6 months of reading about iPhone development!”

Eric Schurter

“I really liked the emphasis on why certain practices are 'best practices', not just the how to do something.”

Kevin Weller

“Bill and Daniel's knowledge and experience was invaluable. The asides and insights they provided from their personal experiences was my favorite part.”

Scott Meade

“I wanted training from real, experienced iPhone developers… and I got that in this Studio!”

Kevin Garriott

“The instructors were great! They gave great insights that you can only get from the pros.”

Anthony Colangelo

“I learned lots of tips about things like shortcuts in Xcode or common errors we might get. These could save me hours or days of time.”

Tom Wilcoxen

“The course was outstanding and I really gained a lot from it. If anyone out there is serious about developing apps for the iPhone then this is one course they simply cannot afford to miss.”

Alex Levy

“Instructors were phenomenal! Labs were a great learning experience.”

Dan Hool

“I recommend the iPhone Studio to anyone who asks me how I learned iPhone development. It was an invaluable kickstart.”

Brian Bahner

“I should have taken this course a year ago, before we started on our iOS probject.”

Josh Gubler

“This course was really much, much more than I expected. It was definitely worth flying from Europe to California to attend. Having worked for US software companies for more than 12 years, this was the best class I have ever attended. Perfect location. Perfect preparation. Excellent trainers. Excellent material.”

Hans-Jurgen Mergner

“The instructors took the learning curve out of iPhone development.”

Ryan McGeary

“Our company is venturing into developing iPhone apps. I was hoping to gain the knowledge to take us in that direction. I'm so glad I signed up! I feel like I'm coming away from this experience confident to be able to start building my first app.”

Dino Carlos

“The class was absolutely fantastic.”

Sandy North

“Exceptionally awesome. Highly recommended! Great instructors. Bill and Daniel made it worth every dollar.”

Steve Finkelstein

“I very much enjoyed this course and the building block approach to teaching. Matt was absolutely phenomenal and taught the way I like to learn. I'm intent now on making a career change from JEE to iOS.”

Jay Marshall

“I very much liked the teaching style. The dual instructors and lots of hands-on examples helped make the course very interesting and informative. This was perfect for me!”

Taft Ring

“The speed of the course was perfect. I liked alternating between watching the steps on the screen and individually working through them.”

J.F. Degeorges

“I liked the emphasis in the course on best practices, as well as the very deliberate progressing of the coding exercises. The instructors were completely comfortable with the subject matter, including all the latest tools.”

Andrew Currier

“I enjoyed it and learned a lot. It was a great setup, great teachers and a comfortable learning environment.”

Ryan Olson

“The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. It was also great to have the example code.”

Trina Gregory

“The instructors were experienced and friendly. Their depth of knowledge was incredible!”

Cary Chandler

“Both the class size and demo code was great. I also liked the resources for using outside of the class—specifically the private mailing list.”

Jesse Ross

“Calling the iPhone Studio a 'training class' does both the class and the instructors a great disservice. We covered an impressive amount of material over four days. Pacing was great. We had the right balance between discussion and hands-on exercises ensuring that we left the Studio with a solid understanding of the basics and a sense of where to go next. Highly recommended for anyone needing practical, effective guidance on getting into iPhone development.”

Randall Thomas

“The instructors were very accessible and enthusiastic. The size of the Studio was perfect—not too many attendees.”

Tyler Schlegel

“I liked the hands-on nature of the class. I learn best from having examples, so walking out of this class with multiple working applications is a big help.”

Michael O'Neill

“Bill Dudney and Daniel Steinberg did a fantastic job at presenting the material in an exciting and straightforward model. By breaking up each section into multiple labs that built upon the last, this concept allowed me to digest and comprehend exactly what was happening without overwhelming me.”

Bob Shull

“The venue was perfect and the instructors were very knowledgeable.”

Greg Smith

“Bill and Daniel were great! They really have a passion for the material and did a wonderful job.”

Chad Predovich

“I had a blast at the Pragmatic Studio iPhone course!!! I highly recommend it!!”

James Frye

“I think the Studio is an excellent starting point since I had no previous background with iOS or Mac development. I liked the mix of lecture and hands-on labs, and the ability to produce working sample programs. I appreciated the instructors' teaching style and their willingness to help when issues were encountered with the exercises. The instructors did a FANTASTIC job, and I learned so much over the four days of the class! I will definitely be able to put what I learned here to good use.”

Mark Klein

“The instructors brought a passion and knowledge to the course that I have not seen in other training.”

Patrick Leslie

“The instructors were fantastic. The course material was great.”

Doug Eglseder

“The iPhone Studio, and the alumni mailing list, have both been incredibly valuable resources for learning and encouragement in my appventure.”

Scott Ruth

“The instructors were excellent. Many times, a good book author does not make a good live instructor. Both Daniel and Bill were very good, engaging, and knew how to lead a class. The information content and course syllabus was just right for this type and level of class. The material covered enough basics, techniques to extend beyond the basics, and instructions on finding and using additional resources.”

“I am impressed with the efforts by both your Studio, as well as the instructors to remain available for help, and provide a means for students to stay in contact and remain involved. The efforts taken to keep the course up to date, employ the latest development environment and tools was much appreciated and did not go unnoticed. I would highly recommend this course any software developer or engineer with an interest in developing and deploying apps to iOS devices.”

Scott Erholm

“The knowledge and experience of the instructors is priceless.”

Harold Daniel

“The explanations were excellent, the examples made it easy to follow, and the instructors were engaging and awesome.”

Charles Beran

“I can't believe by the middle of day 2 I have an app running on my iPhone that persists data.”

Mike Mangino