Summer Savings Just For You!

Our Developing With Elixir/OTP course is on sale for only $49 through Friday, June 22, 2018! (Use coupon code “elixir49” to save $$.)

By developing a real app with real code, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of both the “how” and the “why” of Elixir/OTP app development. We’ll incrementally add new features as we build out a complete Elixir/OTP app from start to finish.

Free Modules This Week

Is this course format right for you? Watch the first 20 minutes for free in these initial modules:

  • #3 High-Level Transformations: Set up an initial pipeline for the web server app which will make three high-level transformations—parsing, routing, and formatting a response—with each step being a function.

The full Developing With Elixir/OTP course includes:

  • 6.5 hours of step-by-step live coding
  • 15 animations that break down advanced concepts
  • 35 videos streamable and downloadable
  • 56 hands-on exercises with all the solutions, of course
  • Never-ending access (no monthly subscription!)