What does it take to put together a real-time Phoenix + Elixir + Elm application? And how would you design it in a pragmatic, straightforward way?

That’s what our latest video series is all about!

In the Unpacked: Multi-Player Bingo video series, we explore the design and code of a full-featured application that takes advantage of:

  • the concurrency and fault-tolerance of Elixir/OTP
  • the real-time communication of Phoenix channels
  • the friendly reliability of Elm on the front-end

We start with the completed application and unpack it layer by layer so you understand how it all works. You’ll come away with a solid, practical reference implementation you can draw on for your own projects. 🚀

This 3-hour video series includes:

  • 21 videos unpacking the design and code of the application
  • 15 animations exploring the key design elements
  • All the source code, of course!
  • Never-ending access (no monthly subscription)

We hope you all enjoy this new video series and feel empowered to build your own Elixir + Phoenix + Elm apps!